Eczema Home Remedies for Itch Relief

Eczema is a skin disorder which affects millions worldwide. Those who suffer from eczema can tell you how maddening the itch can be. Many rather endure the pain of having weeping and bleeding skin , than the itch. This condition is worse in children as they cannot help themselves but scratch their skin till it cracks and bleeds. Many have to depend on topical steroids and anti-histamines for relief. There is nothing wrong with this except that over dependance will bring about serious side effects on your body. However, personally I prefer to alternative remedies for my young son. Here are some of the remedies for itch relief I find effective. Everyone is different and not all methods works for everyone. You have to give these eczema home remedies a try to know what works best for you. Here are some alternative ways for eczema itch relief you can try:

1. Increase your Vitamin C intake. Many do not realize that Vitamin C is the best form of natural anti-histamine for your body. It can be as simple as taking an extra orange or grapefruit. Going for natural Vitamin C is best. However, if you need to supplement, make sure it is from organic sources. Your body knows the difference between organic and synthetic vitamin C.

2.Taking a baking soda bath is another good way to relieve itch. Add one cup of baking soda to a tub filled with lukewarm water and soak for 30 minutes to an hour. Use a cup to pour the water over any part of the body that isn’t submerged. Pat dry and apply moisturizer. African Shea Butter is recommended by many for its skin healing benefits. Use this treatment once or twice a day for as long as itching is a problem.

3.Soaking in colloidal oatmeal bath is another excellent way to relieve the itching. The oatmeal referred here is different from the oatmeal we usually take for our breakfast, rather it is the refined version of the breakfast oatmeal. It is so fine that it acts as a colloid. When it is added to water, it creates a milk-like substance, which gives the water a slimy consistency. When the colloidal oatmeal covers the skin, it actually binds the skin, thus moisturize and protect the skin.

Colloidal oatmeal is easy to prepare at home using a food processor or blender to grind it finely. Make sure it is fine enough as coarser oatmeal will sink to the bottom and does not bind with the water. You can also purchase in any organic health store. A note, though, colloidal oatmeal is not suitable to use it on severely inflamed skin. Otherwise, this is an effective way to ease itchiness.

4.One of my favorite remedies is to add several tablespoons of Pure Virgin Coconut Oil to a bath. Get in, soak, relax – you will feel tremendous relief immediately. Before you go to bed, rub on coconut oil generously all over your body.

5.Cold or cold wet compress are effective in providing relief to severe itchiness. The affected part should be wrapped with thick soft cloth. The cloth should be moistened with cold water every 15 to 30 minutes for two hours at a time. The bandage should be left intact to keep the cloth cold.

6.Oil of oregano is found to be effective to stop eczema itch to some people. Oil of oregano should be from wild oregano. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacteria and is excellent in treating parasites and candida. The concentrated form is found to be more effective in treating eczema. However, you have to be caution that oil of oregano may burn the skin a little. Therefore if you are using it for young children, make sure it is of lower concentration or dilute it with olive oil before you apply on the skin. Apply the oil each time after shower for best results.

Remember to try out the methods to determine which is best for your skin. What works for one does not mean it will work for another. However, many have found these methods effective for itch relief. These methods are only a small part of many others. Please go to my blog, for more great resources on Eczema Home Remedy.