Economical Interior Doors

If only money wasn’t a factor then everybody would choose the most intricately designed doors available from the best craftsmen. However, money is a major decision in deciding home furniture and materials as even simple designs in popular woods and plastics can be expensive. And although you should not compromise the quality and safety features of your exterior doors, you can be more flexible in choosing interior door units.

There are now lots of door materials available that are practical and affordable, as long as you keep an open mind to the possibilities that exist in buying you can be sure to find inexpensive units for all the rooms in your home. First, think of the purpose of your interior doors, are they simply to provide privacy or do they need to be made of fireproof materials? Here are some economical alternatives you can use for interior doors:

• Bead curtains – All you need are hooks that will hold the string of beads that form a curtain, and voila! You already have an interior door! You won’t even need to hire somebody to install them! This is ideal for rooms that don’t require much privacy and can be used for example in the entrance to a dressing room, or as a partition between the kitchen and dining room.

• Fabric curtains – Similar to bead curtains, fabric curtains are ideal for separating rooms that don’t require privacy, curtains also serve as decorative pieces and are easily replaced if you get bored with the design or colour. Maintenance and cleaning is also simple, just remove the curtain and put it in the washing machine or send it to the dry cleaners. Compared to regular wooden or plastic doors, fabric curtains are much more affordable and give you a lot more options.

• Hollow wood doors – As mentioned earlier, interior doors don’t require the sturdiness demanded of exterior ones so for rooms that need to be locked to ensure privacy, solid doors made of hollow wood will suffice, unless you want a sound-proofed room. You can decorate a wooden door by painting them with a colour that blends well with the overall colour scheme of the room it leads into.

• Plastic doors – Similar to hollow wood interior ones, are sometimes preferred as they are easy to clean and last longer. Plastic is a very versatile product and are available in a wide range of different colours, designs and molds.

With everybody having to tighten their belts due to the state of the economy across the country, house renovations should always be done with costs and practicality in mind. Renovate your house and have new doors without spending too much. Use a mix of bead curtains, fabric curtains, and hollow wood and interior French doors for the different rooms and as long as you choose carefully and with taste you can save money and still have a home that looks great.

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