Eco-businesses are making green-money!

Eco responsible life styles are fast becoming part of our culture and as a result the companies offering them are cashing in on the green.

Some experts report that by the end of the decade, more consumers will be demanding companies disclose just how eco-responsible their products are and they will most likely help usher in the change. Consumers have pull, like in the 1990’s, they demanded, overseas factories not make products using children and companies responded. Consumers will increasingly demand products not only be made of green materials but more importantly that companies use ‘global warming pollution reduction’ (GW-PR) technologies that uses less packaging and fabrication energy consumption.

If you’re looking to start an Eco-responsible company you will also need to be competitive, man cannot survive on eco-alone. Consumers will demand durability, competitive prices and should be considered if a business has what it takes to succeed. To meet these demands a leading innovative window covering product developer borrowed technologies from the flooring and cabinet industries. A 3rd generation inventor from Pasadena California was issued three patents for an innovative laminate DuraShutter® that features a low cost laminate material, quick fabrication technology that is winning over both consumers and fabricators. The pricing is low enough that the laminate shutter can be purchased for about the price of a premium wood blind. The fast cut laminate shutter materials and snap-in shutter components require only a few hand tools enabling an installer to measure and install in the same day.

Plantation shutters can substantially reduce energy consumption and upgrade a homes design while being the only window-covering product to increase the homes overall value.

Seeing is Believing! Even houses which appear to be well insulated may not be as energy efficient as one may think. This house was photographed during the winter using thermal photography, a process which exposes higher temperature zones as indicated by the color transitions. You will notice that the areas around the windows are particularly “hot,” proving that a significant amount of interior heat is escaping from these portions of the building. Information provided by the US Department of Energy (DOE) Thermography/Photography copyright 1997. Infraspection Institute Inc, Burlington New Jersey

The DuraShutter® WeatherGuard™ triad-design with patented solid core laminate material; flat louver design and dual tilt controllers has resulted in a superior insulative, noise, and light reduction properties. The technologies are available to any shutter manufactures company.

• T-Cap design covers space between Louvers and Stile, providing improved insulating, light and noise reduction

• Removable louvers design has no staples, tilt pins or tilt bar attachments.

• Dual self-lubricating tilt controllers provide smother louver operation and tighter closure.

Super Tilt Controllers™ can be easily mounted to either the back or front of panel to offer a discreet operating system that is barely visible from the front of the product and integrates discreetly into the shutter. To operate, simply tilt one louver to the desired position and the rest will follow. The rear tilt operating system offers a sleek contemporary look, expansive views and easy cleaning.

The ‘shutter’ category is the fastest growth in recent years. Shutter’s popularity continues to grow and sales growth in this category has been better than 10% per year for the last 5 years. When you compare this to blinds, which have been in a decline for years, you can see that the best money making opportunity is in shutters

The window covering shutter market offers a tremendous opportunity for the small to large business owner. There are 3 main channels of sales.

• Retailer –Buy from factory

• Factory- Sell to retailer

• Home builders- Buy from Factory

Most window covering companies specialize in one of these channels, most being retail. One company is offering a Build-A-Shutter certified training program and a licensing agreement to buy DuraShutter® materials at price points, that empower a Build-A-Shutter fabricator to compete/sell into all three channels. This is done by the way of an exclusive DuraShutter® products that offer a patented Eco laminate material with a 5-Star Eco Rating.

Other window covering franchise opportunities offer blinds as their chef product and don’t offer any fabricator program, and receive rebate from most all the factories they set up to buy from. Budget Blinds has done very well, offering a good opportunity however, the blinds category in window coverings is in decline and so are Budget Blinds prime territories.

Homeowners can now afford to replace out dated blinds and the smaller companies can compete with low cost import and build a business making an exciting business opportunity.

Today’s Home Products Inc. (dba DuraShutter®) CEO David Blachley is a third generation inventor with 25 years experience in cost reduction technology and product development innovations.

United States Patent No.6,854,211, No.6,622,433, 7,055,231

Prime areas available! Build-A-Shutter is offering a ‘Better-than-blinds business model’ with start up cost and a factory direct DuraShutter Store model option for about the cost of a Budget Blinds franchise.