Eat Your Way around Galicia

If you happen to visit and travel round Galicia and you have a passion for food then you better like seafood. Now this is not meant as statement to say that that’s all you can get, far from it, it is merely a statement to let you know that you are about to be exposed to some of the best seafood cuisine if not the best seafood cuisine in all of Spain.

For a province that has such a large proportion of its borders made up of coastline and such a large section of its employment coming from either fisheries or industries associated with the sea, the fact that the Galicians are extremely good cooks when it comes to seafood should hardly be a surprise.

With regards to inshore seafood, the spectacular coastline of Galicia provides a quietly sheltered and secluded habitat for a variety of extremely nice and tasty crustaceans, fish and shellfish.

Compared possibly to the wide variety of foods that make up the cuisine of France and India possibly then Galician cuisine could be considered fairly simple. This however, would not be the entire story and would in fact be a gross oversimplification. Don’t ever equate simple food with poor quality because in this area, yet this seafood may be deemed as technically fairly simple but it is of a superb standard and extremely high quality.

The above having been said, please do not fall into the mindset of thinking that all you are going to get in Galicia is one endless list of lobster and crab recipes after another in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Various agricultural products such as potatoes, maize and wheat are also a staple in the Galician diet along with dairy and meat products from animals such as cattle, sheep and pigs.

The fact that in this region you have such a mild climate and the vegetation is green and lush and all year around means that animals can be left outside to graze virtually 12 months of the year and this means that there is a constant supply of extremely fresh, available and very tasty and succulent meat.

But back to the Seafood! Again because of the importance of the coastline in Galicia there are an increasing number of restaurants and hotels that are going to be able to supply you with extremely nice seafood dishes freshly cooked using ingredients that probably has taken a mere few hours to get from the sea to the table.