Eat Right for Lossing Weight

You gained weight because you didn’t eat the right things, right? No wait – maybe it was because you skipped that Pilates class on Sunday. What if you have done everything right and you still can’t lose? What if we said the harmful pesticides on your fruits and vegetables like ddt, the plastic chemicals in your water bottle or your herbicide drenched lawn could be making you fat?

New research is uncovering the link between chemical toxins and obesity. The obesity epidemic may be as much about environmental causes as it is about lifestyle factors. Research suggests that toxins are contributing to the creation of new fat1 and also to fat that is difficult to lose.

This is because when our body encounters a toxin that it can’t get rid of it stores it in a safe place where it will do a minimal amount of damage to our vital tissues and that safe place is fat. This means, the more toxic your body is, the more fat your body needs to hold on to in order to store those toxins.

Chemicals, called ‘endocrine disruptors” cause your body to form new fat tissue. Your endocrine system is your hormone producer, so it makes sense that toxins that change the way your body makes hormones would also change the way you process and generate fat.3

Endocrine disruptors include chemicals used in pesticides and herbicides, ‘placticisers’ – used to make soft plastics, phthalates (also found in soft plastics), and organohalids (which include bromonated flour and chlorine bleach when used in the household).4

Every person in the world is exposed to these chemicals and every person in the world needs to periodically detoxify one’s body from these chemicals, but especially those people with extra weight, because extra weight means extra garbage to clean out. Nobody wants to carry around 10, 15, 20 or even 50 pounds worth of toxins around with them.

Doing a safe, natural, medically directed cleanse and detoxification program can jump start your weight loss. It’s a great way to finally overcome the plateau you may have had for years.

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