Easy way to Relieving Eye Strain

One of the most well tried methods of relieving eye strain and removing eye exhaustion is cupping or palming with the hands. The method is very simple. Rest your elbows on a table; cup your hands over your eyes touching the edges of your hands to the cheeks.

Let your head drop forward and hold the weight of your head on your hands so that the neck muscles are completely relaxed. Remain in this position for five to ten minutes. Repeat this several times during the day. Another way to check relaxation of eyes is to put the base of the palm of your hand over your closed eyes and press gently and firmly. Repeat this again and again till there is total blackness.

Lack of sleep can make the eyes look red and puffy. Never put heavy night creams, moisturizers or nourishing facial masks round the delicate eye area. The oil contents of these heavy preparations stretch the fine skin and produce a puffy result. Beware, too, of letting astringent lotions, face packs or anti-spot lotions to come into contact with this area, as all of them contain drying ingredients which will cause wrinkling and ageing of the skin. Eye creams are always very light in texture. If you need to use an eye cream for dryness. then pat it in very carefully with the pad of your forefinger, keeping the touch delicate and light. Puffy eyes can sometimes be helped if you cleanse your whole system by drinking eight glasses of water a day.

The skin under the eyes is the only part of human body that has no moisture glands. This is the first area, which shows signs of age, tension, anxiety, worry, late nights and consumption of alcohol. Acute fatigue or strain can cause this problem. If insomnia is the root of the trouble, try to relax before sleep by doing a few exercises or by taking a brisk walk. The dark circles around the eyes are temporary and usually disappear if you sleep enough. In order to prevent and correct wrinkles under the eyes, a good under eye cream with a lanolin base should be used before going to bed. Dab on cream lightly, and be careful not to pull the skin, then blot off the surplus cream.