Easy Teeth Whitening

A beautiful smile is made even more brilliant when it features a set of bright, white teeth. As the smile is one of the first things that others will notice about a person, the brilliance of healthy-looking teeth has a significant impact on how attractive one can be. Teeth whitening treatments done in the dentist’s office, as well as those that are taken home with the guidance of a dentist, effectively deal with stubborn stains and discolourations that can take away the attractiveness of a smile.

However, aside from getting teeth whitened with a dental treatment, there are other ways to achieve and maintain the natural whiteness of smiles. The tips below will help keep the teeth white in a natural way, so that smiles stay as healthy and as attractive as possible.

• Use of Dental Floss – Using dental floss can help maintain white teeth by preventing the development of stains in between teeth, as the floss removes food debris in spaces that may not be cleaned thoroughly by tooth brushing. Flossing also prevents the occurrence of gum problems, which can also affect how healthy a smile looks like.

• Use a Straw – Using a straw helps in teeth whitening (or the prevention of teeth stains) by preventing the contact of stain-causing beverages (such as tea and coffee) with the teeth. Heavy consumption of dark-coloured drinks can contribute to the development of stains on the surface of teeth, and using a straw is a way to protect the teeth from discolourations while enjoying favourite beverages.

• Drink Water – Water helps not only with the hydration of the whole body, but it also promotes good dental health by washing away food particles that are left inside the mouth (and on the surface of teeth) after eating. Stains and discolourations are prevented by keeping the mouth and the teeth surfaces free from food debris.

• Eating Fruits and Vegetables – The consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially the crunchy ones, has great benefits in dental and overall health. The crunchy nature of fruits and vegetables (such as apples and carrots) helps lift away stains from the surface of teeth without harming the tooth enamel, and may also complement teeth whitening treatments for much brighter smiles.

• Chew on Sugar-Free Gum – Chewing on sugar-free gum activates the healthy production of saliva inside the mouth, and helps wash away food debris after meals. The addition of the natural sweetener Xylitol neutralizes the mouth’s pH level and helps in the prevention of plaque – which in turn can contribute to unattractive stains on the surface of the teeth.