Easy steps to abundance

You are either attracting abundance or blocking it. Clutter will block the flow of energy in your environment and in your life, and that is enough to block abundance from flowing to you.

Clutter is anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, tolerated or disorganized. Clutter is emotional constipation!

Letting go of something that no longer makes your heart sing, can mean letting go of a person, or something no longer relevant in your life. It can be part of a process of grieving, enabling you to move into your present and future.

Everyone has their own patterns of attracting abundance and blocking it. Do you recognize any of these?

1. Physical Clutter – Clutter is dead, stagnant energy and will block the flow of energy in your life. Imagine the energy in your home or office flowing like a river, bringing prosperity and all good things to your life. A pile of clutter or something you’re putting up with in your life will bog the energy down. Ask yourself: Do I love it? Do I use it? Does it make my heart sing?

2. Purchasing clutter – If you make purchases when feeling angry, sad, stressed, fearful etc. you are spending money to to suppress those feelings rather than feeling them and letting them go. This means emotional energy will attach itself to the item and you will experience its vibration, even on an unconscious level whenever you look at, wear or use the item. These items will not make your heart sing and will not support your prosperity. Are you ready to let them go? Are you ready to become a conscious shopper?

3. Growth creates clutter – As you make changes within yourself, more of your belongings will fit the definition of clutter. Having the urge to discard things in your home or office is a sign of you stepping more fully into yourself and your abundance. If you don’t address the clutter, it will hold you where you were. It’s natural to create clutter. If you are growing and changing you are continually moving away from things that used to be important to you!

4. Unconscious clutter – Are your beliefs in conflict with what you choose for yourself? Do you think wealthy people don’t care about people? Do you think you can’t be successful working 4 days a week? These beliefs will be affecting your prosperity. Take time to re-examine them.

5. Clutter Vibration – everything has a vibration. If you have a feeling of not enough time, money or love in your life, it sets up a vibration that will block abundance. And, focusing on the fear of not having enough time or money draws more of that to you. On the other hand, the vibration of gratitude is the same as the vibration of abundance. Create an attitude of gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal and each night before you go to sleep write down 5 things you are grateful for today. Focusing on gratitude rather than lack is one of the most powerful things you can do to attract the abundance vibration.

6. Language Clutter – The word ‘want’ means to desire without having! When you say you want something you are resonating with the vibration of lack, rather than flowing with the vibration of abundance. You are also complaining, at a subtle level. The Universe will answer requests, not complaints. Change the word ‘want’ to ‘choose’ and you’ll be creating a different flow of energy.

7. Does your prosperity area feel abundant? Ask yourself, what do I currently own that represents abundance to me now? Once you have cleaned and cleared the clutter from your prosperity area, place this object there to create the vibration you choose to attract. The prosperity power spot in your home is in the far left corner when you’re standing at your front door looking in.

8. Try this game. Place a bowl in the prosperity area of a room. This is the far left corner when you’re standing at the door looking into a room. Each day, take a coin, give thanks for the abundance you already have, and the abundance coming to you and place the coin in the bowl. The increasing coins represent your increasing abundance. At some point when it feels right and the bowl is nearing full, make a decision about what to do with that money and start over. This will work best once you have cleared the clutter and cleaned the area. And remember, what you focus on expands.

Clearing clutter is an important part of Feng Shui. Before you can create something new you need to make space for it. The changes you make in your environment are mirrored in your life and support you in making emotional shifts. Feng Shui can provide a welcome boost in living the life you want.