EASTER The Christian Festival

Roman Catholics or commonly known as Christians almost a minority in Muslim countries of the world. In a year they have two major festivals, Easter and Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated on 25 December of every year; the origin of this date is still a mystery. Preparations of Easter start usually in the end of winter and in the starting of spring, this time period is known as The Season of Lent.

The story of the Season of Lent till Easter goes like this. Jesus Christ preached and performed miracles as the son of God in many places of Israel and Jerusalem. The high class people started doubting Jesus Christ of fooling with the common man and did not believe Him on being the Son of God and trying to destroy their faith, so they decided to punish Jesus Christ by crucifying Him on the cross. On Thursday they captured Jesus and condemned Him to death. It was ordered that Christ would carry His own Cross to Calvary. He was brutally beaten on the road towards Calvary. He was brutally nailed to the Cross. After He breathed His last, an earthquake came and a terrible storm took over the place. After the storm calmed down, Jesus Christ was brought down from the Cross, cleaned Him, wrapped Him and buried Him in a tomb. On Sunday morning two women went to the tomb to put perfumes on the body of Christ, they saw that the Body was missing and an Angel was sitting there and told the women that Christ has risen from the dead. The women were shocked and happy and spread the news to the Apostles and the believers of Christ.

The Season of Lent is celebrated in honor of Jesus Christ sacrificing himself to save the people from sins, this season is for 40 days, which is done in prayers and avoiding negative hurdles. This season begins with Ash Wednesday where every Christian is blessed with Holy Ashes. Every Friday Christians attend their Churches for special prayers which go on till Good Friday. On Good Friday special prayers are done at 3:00 pm because at that time Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross and passed away.

Saturday evening is occupied by the Christians in special prayers as an eve of JesusÂ’ resurrection as in the Bible that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Sunday morning. Then on Easter Sunday morning Christians go to Church to attend Easter prayer services. Easter Sunday is a sign of JesusÂ’ resurrection and a start of new Christian life free from all sins.

On Easter Sunday Cakes and sweets are distributed to friends and families. Usually Easter chocolate eggs are prepared for young children. Visits are made to families and friends homes, parties and get-togethers are organized for Christians to unite and celebrate the festival.

The festival of Easter ends when Jesus rises to heaven to sit at the right hand of God, and then tongues of fire fall from heaven on the people who have witnessed the assumption of Jesus Christ to heaven. This event is known as Pentecost.