Easing Sunburn Pain – Get Sunburn Pain Relief

I’ll start with telling you that these tips DO and Will offer sunburn relief. I’m a full blooded Irishman (from California no less) that hasn’t ever had a tan…ever. This is due to the fact that I go from white to red quicker than that of an embarrassed teenager. Some of these remedies you’ll have expected, some will seem outrageous, however all will work…well…very well.

1.) Aspirin – You may not have thought of it before, but that pain and redness you’re experiencing is you’re bodies immune system reacting to what it has deemed to be “damage”. What that means is more blood being supplied to the surface of you’re skin leaving it flush and warm. That’s inflammation…aspirin is an anti-inflammatory. Get it?

2. Noxema (yes, the stuff for your face) – Again, I know, a little strange. But, go ahead and ask your parents if they have ever heard of using it for sunburn. This is by far the number one thing I am aware of for getting an amazing and immediate “cooling sensation” for your skin. Just rub some on, but not all the way in, and feel…”the cool”

3.) Milk or Yogurt – I admit, this is a strange one. However, I’ve been doing this for years with a mild to moderate sunburn. My mother started this with me when I was younger, and it really is incredible. As it turns out there is a science behind it. The fat content of the yogurt helps to rehydrate the skin along with the fact that it will help to “absorb” some of the heat. This works great with the shoulders (nasty part to get sunburn on). Run to your refrigerator right now, grab some yogurt and dab it on….see? Told you so.

4. ) Aloe Vera – Albeit this is an obvious one, it is extremely useful. That’s probably the main reason it is an obvious one. Aside from helping that nasty burning feeling you have, it will also help in another way. When you have sunburn you’re outer layer of skin (epidermis) is literally starving for moisture. That means every time you stretch that sunburned skin of your’s, it is going to hurt more because moisture is one of the biggest reasons you’re skin is so “stretchy”. Ever see what happens to the elasticity of a rubber band after it’s been in the sun? Same principle.

These four tips on helping to cool, heal and relieve sunburn will absolutely, without a doubt, help to make you a happier person. Especially tonight, when you go to crawl underneath your sheets and you aren’t forced to scream, feeling as though they are made of sandpaper.

I have literally tried hundreds of “home remedies” and OTC lotions and creams to help with the terrible sunburn I always get. These are the ones that I have found to work the best (for me). I am aware that every person is different however, and you may have already tried all of these with no result. That is why I have included in my resource box below, a link to my personal website. It will provide you with numerous other resources that are just as helpful.