Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Here are some early pregnancy symptoms that may help you determine if you are pregnant. Remember that not everyone experiences all of these symptoms. Take a pregnancy test to make sure.

Amenorrhea- Amenorrhea is when you stop having your period. This occurs the moment you conceive and it will continue for the duration of your pregnancy. Breastfeeding will cause you to continue missing your period for a couple of months.

Morning Sickness- This includes nausea at any time during the day. You may have morning sickness as early as one week following conception and may last throughout the first trimester. Only a couple women experience morning sickness in the third trimester. One way to feel better is to eat small meals.

Frequent Urination- Do you feel like you constantly need to use the restroom? Frequent urination is something that most women experience during the early stages of pregnancy. When your uterus grows, it will begin to put pressure on your bladder, giving you the urge to urinate more frequently. Frequent urination can begin the very first week after conceiving and can last the duration of your pregnancy.

Food Cravings- As a pregnant woman you’ll need more nutrients to make up for the increased number of calories being used to create your baby. This may cause you to crave certain foods throughout your pregnancy.

Breast Changes- Another symptom of pregnancy is your breasts get swollen and tender. The circle around your nipple will darken and you will start noticing pink and blue lines under your skin. These changes are caused by the hCG hormone that begins to be produced as soon as you have conceived. These symptoms can begin as early as a few days after conception and can last the duration of your pregnancy.

Exhaustion- Your body is now working overtime growing a baby, this can cause fatigue. You will also have a higher temperature because of the increased amounts of progesterone. This also adds to your fatigued.

Light Bleeding- Light bleeding can sometimes happen when the fertilized egg implants into your uterus.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms:

-Increased Sensitivity to Odors

-Food Aversions



If you have some of these symptoms and are unsure if you are pregnant, you may want to take a pregnancy test and/or consult your caregiver.

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