Early Sign Of Pregnancy – Time To Celebrate

The joyous moment has arrived. The early sign of pregnancy has declared that it is time to celebrate and welcome the bundle of joy into the family. Just for a moment, if we try reflecting on the past, we all recall our own childhood. And now, we are all grown up ready to step into the shoes of a mother and give birth to a little life. The adolescence, the young age, the period of marriage, relatives, friends, for a moment, they all seem to be so far away; we are in a recluse within ourselves. This precious moment is only for us to savor; nobody ever can be a part of it.

A Break In the Cycle Is Essential

Now, what was that early sign of pregnancy that pushed you into the beautiful frame of mind? Did you really miss a period or is it just an illusion? You should be sure of whatever you say or do. You cannot take any chances with such an important matter. It is very important for young girls to keep a track of their monthly menstrual cycle. Always maintain a chart so that you can be sure that you are having your cycle on time. Once you get intimate with your husband or your boyfriend, you may miss a period if your intimacy was unprotected. This is a surefire signal and sign of pregnancy that you are going to become a mother soon.

Just like missing a period, another sure pregnancy symptom is the blotting or staining of your undergarment after being intimate with your partner. This happens when the egg formed by the union of the chromosomes released by the male and female reproductive organs, is implanted to the wall of the uterus. This is another early sign of pregnancy.

Do not forget, the baby will remain for nine months locked up within your body. It is going to look up to you for everything that it requires. Food, happiness, joy, body supplements – all these things and more – you are the only person in the world to provide for the baby. Nobody else, no matter how caring and loving, can do anything for the baby during this period. So learn as much as you can about the requirements of the baby soon after you observe the first pregnancy symptom.

There are so many other ways, which indicate early sign of pregnancy. Vomiting, feeling of nausea, constipation, swelling of the breasts, emission from the nipples of the breasts and emission from vagina are some of them. Any of these conditions may be a sign of pregnancy. Nevertheless, do take the advice of a consultant if you are doubtful over any matter.