Early Pregnancy Symptom: Telling You About Pregnancy Even

What is the importance of early pregnancy symptom? Every woman wishes to know whether she is pregnant or not at the earliest possible. Not only does she want to keep track of her pregnancy through early pregnancy symptoms, but she also wants to know what happens during the pregnancy week by week. She takes the help of a pregnancy journal for this purpose. Some women can tell whether they’re pregnant by similar symptoms they’ve experienced when previously pregnant. They can tell if they are pregnant right away on experiencing symptoms of pregnancy. Others cannot until they miss a menstrual period or go through a pregnancy test. The feeling varies from woman to woman.

Spotting Or Bleeding That Is Different Than Normal Bleeding

One very common early pregnancy symptom is either a little bit of spotting or bleeding due to implantation bleeding, when the fertilized egg implants itself on the uterine walls after 4 or 5 days of conception. How can one tell that this bleeding is different from the menstrual bleeding that takes place when one is not pregnant? The color of this bleeding or spotting is either brown or pink and it is very light. In some instances, this may be in the form a yellow color discharge from the vagina. On the contrary, the bleeding that takes place during the normal menstrual cycle is light in the beginning and gets heavier in the middle before tapering off in the end. Cramping accompanies this bleeding in some cases as an early pregnancy symptom.

Increased basal Body Temperature

Rise in the basal body temperature is another clue to making that appointment with the gynecologist. Usually, at the time of ovulation, the temperature of the body increases. If your basal body temperature remains high even after ovulation and during the time when you should be menstruating, then this can be considered as an early pregnancy symptom. For this purpose, some women take their body temperature early in the morning with the help of a basal thermometer.

Yet another early pregnancy symptom is urinating more often than normal. You can observe this symptom even before you miss a period. The frequency of urination increases because due to changes in the level of the hormones after the embryo implantation. This is the same reason that is responsible for changes in the size of the breasts of the pregnant woman. The pregnant woman may experience tenderness in her breasts and that they are fuller. These early pregnancy symptoms can keep you alert to the changes that accompany your body, little by little.