Early Pregnancy Symptom Forum – Online Support For Pregnant Women

An early pregnancy symptom forum is a guide to women confused about the signs of pregnancy. If you are a first time mom, chances are you have no idea about the signs of early pregnancy. If you are eager to conceive, a period missed by a few days can be cause for anxiety and anticipation. Perhaps the bewildering flood of advice from well-meaning friends and relatives has confused and even frightened you. Whatever the case, an early pregnancy symptom forum that is made of doctors, midwives and experienced moms will make things easier for you.

Admittedly, pregnancy symptoms cannot be pinned down easily. A missed period can be caused by stress, lack of nourishment and health problems- besides pregnancy. The first spotting or cramping could well be a late period. Swinging between the feelings of “am I?” and “am I not?” can be nerve wracking. This is where an early pregnancy symptom forum can help. It can give you proper advice regarding pregnancy symptoms especially in the early stages, when you are not too sure if you should purchase a test kit or visit a doctor.


The best part of early pregnancy symptom forum is the privacy it offers to those who do not wish to reveal their identity. Due to various constraints, many new mothers and their partners cannot visit doctors in the early stages. An early pregnancy symptom forum is the perfect way to have your doubts about pregnancy and child rearing clarified.

You can ask your questions without hesitation and have an expert answer them.

Allaying Fears

First time moms might have worries about the pregnancy. There could be medical problems, financial and emotional problems that are part of pregnancy. In that case, having the support of mothers who have been through that road is encouraging. Online forums are a good way to connect to people who have had similar experiences and share your stories. You can share your stories about the first time you held your baby, the birth, hospital stay, baby shower – just about anything related to the pregnancy.

You can also consult other moms on the first signs on pregnancy. By sharing knowledge, you feel stronger and empowered. You also know the danger signs to watch out for in early pregnancy. This reduces the chances of abortion or other complications.

Fertility Awareness Method

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is an active teaching method used for informing pregnant women and their caregivers about pregnancy. After learning more about pregnancy, you will feel better able to make your decisions regarding type of birthing, tests needed and monitoring the pregnancy from the time the early pregnancy symptoms appear.

You will be told about all the basic facts related to pregnancy by doctors, midwives, doulas and even physiotherapists who work with pregnant women. It will also help your family take better care of you.

Early pregnancy symptom forum will help you rid of the anxiety related to pregnancy and enjoy the feeling of motherhood.