Ear Acupuncture – Do it Yourself

We are a nation of do it yourself individuals. If you doubt me, just look at the Home Depots that appear every five feet. So, is ear acupuncture a do it yourself possibility?

Ear Acupuncture – Do it Yourself

Recently, an investigative reporter at a Texas Television station received a call from a women complaining about having answered an advertisement for an Ear Acupuncture treatment for weight loss. They discovered that the treatment was very simple. A staple is inserted into your ear with a sort of stapling gun. The staple pinches a nerve that leads to the stomach and makes you feel full. You do not want to eat any thing else, and you lose weight. When you reach the desired weight, you simply have the staple removed and get a good meal. It couldn’t be much simpler than that.

The problem was that the stables began to cause a great deal of pain in the face all the way down to the jaw line. There appeared to be some early signs of infection, and she hadn’t noticed any change in her appetite. Also, when she went to call the company where the staples were inserted, no one was answering the phone. It turned out that the company was under investigation for health department violations and had folded up their tents and disappeared.

This story illustrates much about the issue of do it yourself ear acupuncture for weight loss. The rationale behind the stabling of ears to help with weight reduction does have its origins in the principles of acupuncture. This is true. However, this is like saying that a car is certainly a mode of transportation and then transporting yourself by pushing the car around. This is not how the car was supposed to work. Anyone familiar with the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to acupuncture would see this at once.

The big advantage of acupuncture as a treatment for anything is that it does not attempt to deal solely with external symptoms by throwing quick and masking fixes at them. It discovers the underlying disharmony that has brought the symptom about and removes that. Once the cause is gone, the symptoms go away, too. It is true that the ear makes a sort of miniature acupuncture map turned upside down, and certain key acupuncture points are located there. It might even be true that one of them has a vague connection to the stomach. This is not to say that a staple through the ear is going to trigger the kind of response that is desired.

It is hard for me to endorse any form of ear acupuncture as a do it yourself project. It is, perhaps, not as risky as do it yourself heart surgery, but its chances of achieving a positive result are about the same. Trained practitioners of acupuncture are not quacks sticking needles in any old place to make a buck or create a short cut fix for a health issue. They are learned men following a practice that was fairly sophisticated when the ancestors of Western style doctors were crawling around in the back of caves in Europe. To think that you can emulate this skill with a picture of the ear and a staple gun is the height of folly.