E/C/A Stack at it’s Best

The Ever-Popular E/C/A Stack Bigger And Better Than Ever

There are really only two things that matter to a bodybuilder! 1) How big he is! And 2) How ripped he is! However, if you ask a hundred guys which one of the two is most difficult to obtain… 85% would say getting really ripped is the toughest! And remember this: a very smooth 18 ½ inch arm… will look much less impressive to the casual observer (women!!) than a ripped to the bone 16 ½ inch arm!

So as a “dedication” to pleasing the eyes of women this summer, this article will certainly help you please them as it unlocks the mystery of how to easily accomplish one of the hardest things in bodybuilding… getting freaky ripped!

Let’s get started! If you’ve been around the “game” for any length of time no doubt you’re already familiar with the famous ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin stack that originated all the way back to the early 1980’s.

However, as famous as this stack is, few people actually know the underlying bio-chemical reasons for its profound effects on fat metabolism. So the first part of this article is going to re-investigate the E/C/A stack so you can “grasp” why it actually works in the first place. Or should I say… your understanding of how it works will go deeper because you already know this stack causes what’s called thermogenic action, or a “heating up effect” in the body and thus the burning of fat!

OK, so what actually causes this reaction in the body… or better put, what is the first cause, from a bio-chemical standpoint, that leads to the actual elevation of body temperature that induces thermogenisis?

Well, I’ll tell you. The actual first cause of this thermogenic process is the increase in a molecule called cyclic Adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP for short.

cAMP is a chemical messenger derived from 5-adenosine tri-phosphate and its primary function is to act as an intracellular (inside the cell) transferer of hormones which cannot get through the cell membrane! And, it’s the elevation of this molecule that also causes the “heating up” or thermogenic action of the E/C/A stack… because the entire stack was designed to… elevate the hell out of cAMP!

So you see, this little known molecule will not only get you ripped out of your gourd… it will also transfer hormones (like testosterone and growth hormone) into the nucleus of the cell and increase their effect on protein synthesis even more!

So not only will elevated levels of cAMP get you ripped where you need to be ripped… it will also help you get big where you need to get big!

OK, now that you know that the “first cause” of thermogenisis is elevated cAMP levels, let’s breakdown all these components of the E/C/A stack and see how they effect cAMP levels. And after that, I’ll turn you on to a fourth “cAMP elevator” that will take this already incredible fat burning stack to a completely new level!


Ephedrine acts as a beta agonist and stimulates the release of noradrenaline… which then burns fat (especially hard to get rid of brown fat) by elevating cAMP. So the simple equation goes like this. Ephedrine intake “equals” noradrenaline release which “equals” cAMP release which then elevates body temperature and the eventual fat burning process.

2. Caffeine

Isn’t caffeine an amazing drug? Especially if you can get injectable caffeine citrate (Caficit), the most potent form available made by pharmaceutical giant Bhoenringer Ingelheim. But if you can’t, a strong cup of good old fashioned Folgers will still do the trick.

Why is it so amazing? Because it actually elevates cAMP by two mechanisms of action. The first is by the suppression of an enzyme called phosphodiestere. And the reason this is so important is because high levels of phosphodiestere greatly inhibit cAMP so you want to nullify this enzyme as much as you can. Additionally, caffeine also causes the release of noradrenaline, and as you already know, increased noradrenaline levels increase cAMP which in turn heats up the body!

3. Aspirin

Most guys won’t know this but many prescription drugs are inhibitors of enzymes, and this is how aspirin effects the E/C/A stack, through enzyme manipulation. And, as you should know, enzyme reactions in the body are our entire existence… because nothing “happens first” unless an enzyme is present to catalyze the reaction. For example, the reason people die when they take cyanide is because it destroys enzymes called Oxygenases that allow you to synthesize oxygen. So without the Oxyegenase enzyme… no oxygen, no life.

 Now to the “coup de grace”, the final and fourth blow to all that stubborn fat that’s been hiding an otherwise perfect body. It’s called Enerselen.

4. Enerselen

Enerselen is another monster 5-adenosine tri-phosphate compound similar to TridenosenH™. The biggest differences between the two is that Enerselen is synthetic 5-adenosine tri-phosphate bonded to synthetic 5-uridine tri-phosphate (another potent anabolic cellular compound) where as TridenosenH™ is synthetic 5-adenosine tri-phosphate bonded to 5-arginine alpha Ketoglutarate which then increases endogenous (internal) synthesis of 5-uridine tri-phosphate. So basically, it’s a “toss-up” as for one being better than another, but we will say this… Enerselen is an illegal/controlled substance that you’re going to “pay hell” to get a hold of, while TridenosenH™ is legally available without a prescription, and in most instances, cheaper.

Let’s continue…

As you remember from the introduction, cyclic Adenosine monophosphate, “cAMP” is derived from 5-adenosine tri-phosphate. So, based on this simple logic, the more 5-adenosine tri-phosphate (and 5-uridine tri-phosphate) you have in your body, the more cAMP you’re going to have.

And the “more the merrier” it seems, is best with cAMP… because it’s almost impossible to get too much!

So in conclusion, if all these components of the famous E/C/A were intended to “indirectly” manipulate cAMP levels, and cAMP is derived “directly” from 5-adenosine tri-phosphate… then it doesn’t take Albert Einstein to deduce that compounds like Enerselen and TridenosenH™ are more potent thermogenically then the E/C/A stack!

And it also wouldn’t take Einstein’s enormous intellect to figure out that adding the E/C/A stack to either Enerselen or TridenosenH™… would simply make the whole thing, from a purely scientific viewpoint, the best fat burning combo ever invented!

And if any of the “Junior Chemists” out there think they can refute this scientific logic… then bring it the hell on! Oh, and one more thing. Be sure to keep your protein intake even higher with lots of water, because both Enerselen And TridenosenH™ are both very anabolic. So not only are guys getting shredded beyond comparison, they are putting on some serious muscle as well.

See you next month…

With ten pounds more muscle and ten pounds less fat!

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