Duvet & Pillow fillings – a guide for hotel/B&B owners

There are many things to consider when sourcing duvets and pillows. But the one aspect which many people overlook is taking time to consider which filling to choose.

As you may already know, guests come with all sorts of requirements and needs that must be met when they stay at your hotel. So be careful to choose a filling that is comfortable but also reduces the risk of triggering any allergies that your guests may have.

Mulberry Silk:
This is the most luxurious of fillings. Made from pure silk from silkworms – Mulberry Silk offers optimum comfort, but at a price. The benefit of using this however is that it’s hypoallergenic. Meaning you can offer your customers premium quality without the risk of triggering any allergies. If you’re budget can stretch to it, Mulberry Silk is the often preferred option.

Natural (Feather & Down):
If it’s of good quality, this type of filling is often considered to be towards the premium end of the spectrum. However, it’s also very lightweight. Due to the organic nature of the material, it’s also more breathable than the synthetic substitutes, allowing for a comfortable sleep. However, many people are allergic to feathers and down, and so it may not be the best solution. But if you like to offer your guests a luxurious option – then it’s worth taking note of any allergies they may have and offer the duvet if desired.

One thing to bear in mind is that you must take great care when washing feather duvets and pillows, they must be dried out completely before re-use to avoid any nasty damp odours occurring.

This is the most widely used synthetic filling. Whilst being cheaper than the natural options, it is more practical and is also hypoallergenic. However, you may not find the sumptuous softness that the natural materials possess. However, there is an alternative…

This filling came about relatively recently and offers a realistic softness, which has been difficult for synthetic fillings (such as Hollowfibre) to imitate in the past. Microfibre is also the best filling for those who are prone to allergies as it can be washed up to 60°C, allowing to kill off dust mites.

Once fillings have been taken into consideration, you can then make a decision on other factors of duvet and pillow buying. The unit used to measure thickness is ‘tog’. Be sure to look out for this if you’re buying for winter or summer.