Dump Truck Driving Tips

Being a dump truck driver can be a great occupation. Job opportunities abound, with all sorts of companies in the construction, distribution, manufacturing, and moving industries, among others- all on the look out for good, qualified drivers.

A dump truck driver’s job involves transporting loose materials such as sand, gravel, coal, or dirt, to various building sites. Operating a large vehicle such as a dump truck calls for some good driving skills. The driver must drive through sometimes dangerous conditions, and safely deliver their payloads.

There are driving schools that specialize in training people to drive and operate dump trucks. They teach students all that they need in order to pass the Commercial Driver’s License test.

Those who wish to get a job as a professional dump truck driver must first acquire a special license known as a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). There are several classes of CDL’s, corresponding to the type of vehicle the driver is allowed to operate. Employers will specify one or more specific class of CDL’s needed for the jobs they are offering.

There are different kinds of dump trucks, each with their own specifications. Familiarity with these trucks is key, as employers sometimes need drivers who can operate a specific type of truck . Beside the standard dump truck, the various types of dump truck are:

– Transfer Dump Truck
– Truck and Pup
– Articulated Dump Truck
– Trailer Dump Trucks
– Semi Trailer End Dump Truck
– Semi Trailer Bottom Dump Truck
– Side Dump Truck
– Off-Road Dump Truck

There’s a lot more to a dump truck driver’s duty than just driving. Dump truck drivers require a special skill set to handle the many responsibilities that come with the occupation.

Dump truck drivers must be able to manage their respective loads. Load management begins with correctly calculating the weight of the loads as to not exceed the maximum load capacity.

The driver must know how to operate a forklift and other lifting devices to load cargo onto the truck. Sometimes the cargo must be loaded by hand.

The cargo must be then properly secured using chains or ropes, to ensure that it isn’t damaged or lost during the transportation.

Finally, the driver must oversee the safe unloading of the cargo to the destination site.

The truck driver is also responsible for the maintenance of their respective dump trucks.

Before traveling, a driver must perform a routine check-up on their vehicle and equipment, taking note of the brakes, tires, lights, oil etc..

It’s important to know how to change tires and other such repairs. Sometimes, a driver must perform emergency repairs, in case the truck brakes down on route. Also, a driver often has to clean their own vehicles.

Drivers must also keep record of all their transactions; keeping a log of information such as cargo delivered, distance traveled, rest breaks, and fuel usage.

The internet is a good place to look for a driving job. There are plenty of advertisements looking for qualified dump truck drivers all over the country. All that is needed is to contact them for further details.

Dump truck driving is a great way to earn a living, and the increase in the need for dump truck drivers has lead to a a lot of available jobs. Those who posses the skills or are looking to get into the business would do well to seize this chance.

Source: https://positivearticles.com