Dubai Real Estate Where Man Made Islands Exist

As Dubai continues to set new records for building and growth, its man-made islands are some of the more exceptional projects to behold in the Emirate. The Palm Islands are three sets of man-made islands, each shaped in a variation of a palm tree, while the World is a collection of 300 man-made islands forming a map of the world. The projects’ unique qualities has set them apart from the numerous Dubai building projects.The first of the Palm Islands to be conceived and constructed, the Palm Jumeirah, is currently the largest man-made island in the world. It has a trunk, crown with 17 palm fronds and a crescent surrounding it. The first phase of the project, 20 Shoreline Apartment buildings on the trunk, is nearly complete. Individuals and families began moving in late last year and the handover of properties continues.

Individual homes and villas located in the fronds are nearing completion and will be ready for the first owners to move in soon. 28 beachfront hotels are in the works for the outer crescent, including the Atlantis Hotel, a 1,500 room resort and water park. The Trump International Hotel and Tower will be the centerpiece of the trunk. The premier Marina Residences will consist of six towers at the very tip of the trunk. The Marina, Residences, which will have 940 apartments and 40 townhomes, is expected to begin handover to the new occupants and owners by the end of 2008.

The Palm Jumeirah

The first of the Dubai Palm Islands to be conceived and constructed, The Palm Jumeirah is also the smallest at 5 km in diameter. This island contains hotels, villas and apartments as well as retail shops and a marina. Each frond will make up a distinct, private neighborhood. The outer crescent will form a breakwater and have a number of luxury hotels and restaurants along its 11 km length in addition to residences. The trunk of this island is 2 km long and contains luxury hotels and residential apartments surrounding a 7.8 hectare park. The whole island will be connected by a monorail to whisk residents and visitors to their intended destinations on and off the island.

The Palm Jebel Ali is located in the Watefront Project near the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border. This area will be the home to 1.7 million people when complete in 2020, and the first island properties are expected to be ready in 2010.

The Palm Deira will take over as the world’s largest man-made island, according to the developer, Nakheel. It will reach over 12 km into the sea and have a width of 7.5 km, with residential space for over 1 million people when complete. Approximately 20% of the land reclamation has been completed for this project.

The final man-made island development is The World. 300 islands are taking shape in a map of our planet, with each one being sold and developed to private interests. Many will be turned into resorts and have properties for sale, while some will remain the exclusive domain of the lucky, and well-off, owners.