Dry Skin Rashes – How to Help Them, Lotions, Baths, Oils

It is never too late to return your skin quality to its best. Poor environment, bad diet and chemical absorption may lead to serious skin damage. But a combination of reasonable lifestyle choices and a regular use of shielding lotion will get your skin back to its good condition. The best type of lotion has blooming vine in it and a natural anti fungal. If your skin is itching then you most likely have some type of fungus problem on your skin and regular lotions won’t fix this.

Ways to protect your skin

Checking your diet, taking supplements and getting rid of toxic chemicals will help your skin rebuild itself. Protecting your skin by using all-natural cosmetics and household cleansers that are not harsh on your skin is a good way of preventing more damage chemicals may cause to your skin. Replace your moisturizers with natural skin care lotions. It will lock in the natural moisture of your skin without taking in damage from harmful chemicals

Use a good lotion with natural anti fungals for tough skin problems including dry skin.

An independent lab test done in August of 2006 showed that shielding lotions are the most effective in treating dry skin. Choose a shielding lotion that is quickly absorbed by your skin, creating a rapid protection layer and retaining the natural moisture of the skin at the same time. Most dermatologists recommend shielding lotions which not only prevents moisture loss, but also deal with eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders.

Never self-medicate

Self-diagnosing and self medication is not advisable for a dry skin rash. It is said that most rashes are not serious, but it is best to consult a dermatologist who is qualified to determine the cause of a skin rash and its appropriate treatment since some rashes may indicate on deeper and more serious skin problem.

Baths can help

One way to treat dry skin is to take a warm bath which has mineral or baby oil in it (to soften the skin.) You might also want to apply the mineral or baby oil on your skin after a shower instead. Do not roughly scrub your skin during or after bathing. There are good water-based creams that you should apply on yourself at least 2x a day, particularly after a shower or bath. Do not use products that contain alcohol, like after-shave or after-bath splashes, and colognes. For men who have to shave, an electric razor is advisable.

Drink more liquids

You should also increase your water and liquid intake to two to three quarts per day, with the approval of your physician. This helps hydrate your skin from the inside.

Things to avoid

Try not to be exposed to sun and wind for too long. Also do not use hot water and heat on your skin, particularly dry heat. Try to humidify the air in your house, especially in the bedroom where you spend most of your time. Cut your fingernails and wear cotton gloves when sleeping so that you will not subconsciously keep scratching yourself to the point of bleeding when you are asleep.

Furthermore, it is not recommended that you rely on ordinary bath soap for your dry skin or use household products that have strong perfumes and fragrances added to them. These will only exacerbate your skin condition.

Follow these tips so and you will find your skin improving.