Drum Accessories to Make a Complete Drum Kit

A drum kit would be incomplete without its essential accessories. Experts say that it is very important to have drum parts and drum accessories available handy to make it more convenient and easily portable.

Some of the important drum accessories are listed and discussed briefly below:

Drum Bags and Cases:
Drum bags and cases come in many different sizes and style and also in different qualities. High quality drums cases or drum bags will ensure protection to your valuable instruments and make them last longer and continue producing quality sound.
You can also get custom made drum bags and cases according to your requirements. There are cymbal bags, drumstick bags and other such drum accessories used for carrying stands and other drum hardware.

Drum Skins:
When we talk about drum skin, they come in many forms, but the most commonly used is goat skin. Earlier calfskin was widely used. Some of the famous places that produce drum skins are Ghana, Indonesia and Pakistan. These skins come in full size that you can cut to size that you need. It is necessary to change drum skins after certain amount of usage to continue getting best sound results.

Drum Tuning Key:
Another one of the most important drum accessories that you cannot do without is the drum-tuning key. It’s a tool that helps you tighten the tension rods and get just the right sound you are looking for. This also comes in many forms one of them is the drum tuning-speed key. It tunes drum twice the speed of the normal drum tuning key.

Drum Practice Pads:
Drum practice pads are type of drum accessories mostly for beginners as it helps them work on all the techniques and nuances such as stick control, speed and endurance. It can be screwed to the cymbal stand or practice pad stand or it can be placed on any table top. This also helps learners to learn a lot faster.

Drum Sticks and Beaters:
Drumsticks and beaters are another type of drum accessories, which significantly determine the sound that will be produced. There are many drumsticks from beaters to brushes to mallets. Although there are different types of objects used to beat drums they have evolved from centuries. The drumsticks are made of wood like maple, hickory and oak. There are other types which are made out of various types of plastic or carbon synthetics. In order to produce different tones and sounds various configurations of drumsticks such as brushes, mallets and beaters are needed.

Drumsticks have improved immensely over the years. Manufacturers have found ways to make them straighter, added nylon tips to increase durability and even varnished them to improve grip.

Drum Stools:
This too is a vital drum accessory. The stool you pick should be comfortable and which give you more freedom to move. These stools come with the adjustment features to adjust the height according to your requirement. They are interchangeable and can also be used for different purposes and work for many situations. They are available in various sizes and designs. Generally they have padded round seat.