Drug Companies Ad Budget No Match For Effective Herbal Supplement

As people go through life, they tend to focus mainly on the short term benefits of the various activities they partake in. It is in fact human nature to “live for the moment”, instead of considering the long term ramifications of our actions, and wheather they may be extremely gratifying or sorely disappointing. It is in fact this instinctual action that causes most of us to miss out on taking advantage of the effectiveness of herbal supplements.

It would appear as if the majority of individuals in the world have been mislead into believing that drug companies have somehow surpassed nature simply by dreaming up some concoction of chemicals in a lab. It has been proven that many herbal supplements are more powerful over time and also have far less, if not none of the horrid side effects that traditional big pharmaceutical drug companies drugs have. The side effects that one can endure from a prescription drug range from everything from the irritable; itching, runny nose, constipation, to the much more serious stroke, heart attack, and even in some cases death.

Recently, in many locations, there has been a huge movement to educate individuals as to effectiveness of herbal supplements. This is amid the new found knowledge that many prescription drugs have been discovered to have significantly harmful side effects long term. However the process of changing the opinion of many regarding how they should treat themselves has been a slow one. This is mainly due to the fact that over time, and through billions of dollars in advertising campaigns, prescription drug companies have convinced people that they are out to help them. This illusion has begun to lose its power lately, as more and more individuals discover the benefits and low costs of herbal supplements far out weight the hollow promises from the prescription drug companies.

To the users of herbal supplements, it is baffling as to why so many continue to purchase prescription drugs pharmaceutical empires. Many herbal supplement users first point of discussion is the massive amount of side effects and long term damage prescription drugs can cause. Their second point is always the much higher costs of prescription drugs when compared o that of their herbal supplement counterparts which treat identical physical conditions.

Being able to compete in terms of spreading awareness of their view, has always been a dilemma for the proponents of herbal supplements. As many have discovered over the years the massive prescription drug companies have many lobbyist working for them around the clock. This is in addition to the billions of dollars they spend in blanketing the globe with their false and misleading advertisements. These two tools of prescription drug companies have kept many people over the years from being unaware of how effective herbal supplements are at treating the same ailments for a small fraction of what prescription drug companies charge.

In more recent years, the past decade in particular, new mediums for the transference of information have begun to change the tide in the favor of the herbal supplement supporters. The internet has done for herbal supplements what simple word of mouth could not, it has put them on a level playing field with the major pharmaceutical companies. Now almost anyone can start a discussion with not just their neighbors about herbal supplements and their effectiveness, but millions of people around the world within minutes.

The internet has several ways in which people commiserate on various topics daily. These include but are not limited to, chat rooms , forums, message boards, social networking websites, online article websites. The ways in which people communicate via the internet are of course increasing all the time. With this the number of individuals who are able to obtain relevant and factual information on herbal supplements will increase as well. Instead of those individuals simply being subjected to the never ending bombardment of commercials on TV from pharmaceutical empires.

So does all of this mean that one day soon we’ll live in a world with no evil pharmaceutical companies trying to steal your last penny while giving you addictive drugs with uncomfortable, irritable, and sometimes tragic consequences? Sadly, most likely not. However it does stand as a sign that through new forms of communication people around the world are finally starting to make the decision to reclaim their own healthcare. With the number of herbal supplement users continuing to grow with each passing day, it would now at least appear possible, that in the ongoing battle between big pharmaceutical drug companies and herbal supplement supporters, that herbal supplements could become the majority preferred method of treating ones ailments.