Drug Companies Ad Budget No Match For Effective Herbal Supplement

As people go through life, they tend to focus mainly on the short term benefits of the various activities they partake in. It is in fact human nature to “live for the moment”, instead of considering the long term ramifications of our actions, and wheather they may be extremely gratifying or sorely disappointing. It is in fact this instinctual action that causes most of us to miss out on taking advantage of the effectiveness of herbal supplements.

It would appear as if the majority of individuals in the world have been mislead into believing that drug companies have somehow surpassed nature simply by dreaming up some concoction of chemicals in a lab. It has been proven that many herbal supplements are more powerful over time and also have far less, if not none of the horrid side effects that traditional big pharmaceutical drug companies drugs have. The side effects that one can endure from a prescription drug range from everything from the irritable; itching, runny nose, constipation, to the much more serious stroke, heart attack, and even in some cases death.

This has begun to diminish in certain areas of the world, due to more and more people being educated as to the positive long term effects of herbal supplements. The minds of many have been slow to change however due to the years of prescription drug company ad saturation their brain has undergone. The notion that chemical compounds created in a lab have been engineered so well as to make them superior to natures herbs, is an idea that has been impressed upon billions of people. Through networking of the masses however we are beginning to see a revival of confidence in the power and long term positive effects of herbs in the form of herbal supplements.

It is confounding to those knowledgeable of the long term benefits of herbal supplements, as to why many people still continue to purchase drugs from pharmaceutical companies. Considering the side effects that many pharmaceutical users endure, in combination with the significantly higher costs of those drugs when compared to the much cheaper herbal supplements, it is understandable as to why this would confuse herbal supplement users.

Up until recently it had been difficult if not impossible for the supporters of herbal supplements to come close to matching the audience reach of prescription drug companies. Prescription drug companies as everyone knows have powerful lobbyist to make things easier for them, as well as gigantic advertising budgets to saturate the airwaves with their commercials. In the past these efforts have effectively silenced any opposition to their assertion that prescription drug companies create products to help people and that they should be the most trusted solution when it comes to ones health care.

In more recent years, the past decade in particular, new mediums for the transference of information have begun to change the tide in the favor of the herbal supplement supporters. The internet has done for herbal supplements what simple word of mouth could not, it has put them on a level playing field with the major pharmaceutical companies. Now almost anyone can start a discussion with not just their neighbors about herbal supplements and their effectiveness, but millions of people around the world within minutes.

The internet has brought about sever new lines of communication. Some of these forms are; message boards, article reading websites, chat rooms, etc. New arenas for communication are springing up all the time online. This of course leads to more people being able to gain important and timely information about herbal supplements and their man benefits. This comes as a welcome addition to most homes who are use to get a constant saturation of the airwaves with prescription drug advertisements.

So does all of this mean that one day soon we’ll live in a world with no evil pharmaceutical companies trying to steal your last penny while giving you addictive drugs with uncomfortable, irritable, and sometimes tragic consequences? Sadly, most likely not. However it does stand as a sign that through new forms of communication people around the world are finally starting to make the decision to reclaim their own healthcare. With the number of herbal supplement users continuing to grow with each passing day, it would now at least appear possible, that in the ongoing battle between big pharmaceutical drug companies and herbal supplement supporters, that herbal supplements could become the majority preferred method of treating ones ailments.