Drive Safe with Chevrolet’s MyLink!

Using electronics such as cellphones and iPods have become a huge distraction for drivers everywhere, and cities and states are now penalizing drivers for using devices. Statistics show that almost half of drivers answer their phones while driving and a quarter of drivers will make outgoing phone calls, according to Chevrolet is helping to eliminate this problem with a feature called MyLink, a way to keep all your technology in reach while driving safely.

MyLink is accessible from the customizable 7-inch touch-screen display located within reach from the driver’s seat. MyLink connects to your smart phone so that your phones features can still be used without compromising your safety in doing so. MyLink systems functionality will vary by Chevrolet model, though all require Bluetooth compatible cell phones and USB connection for some devices.

Features include the ability to create a playlist on MyLink from USB media devices, such as a mobile phone or flash drive. Pandora Internet Radio also allows drivers to listen to their personalized radio stations from the Pandora application on their smart phone. Radio broadcasts can be found on MyLink’s Stitcher Smart Radio, which features 5,000 radio shows and podcasts. And if you can¬ít figure out what song you’re listening to, GraceNote Technology, embedded in the MyLink system, will help to fill in the missing links. MyLink also includes a three-month trial to SiriumXM Satellite Radio, and hasn’t forgotten about classic AM/FM radio and the option of playing a CD.

Chevrolet MyLink features enhanced voice recognition technology so that drivers are able to press the “Push to Talk” button on their steering and simply speak a command. iPhone 4 and 5 users can use Siri Eyes Free, which will compose text messages and emails to those in your contact list using Bluetooth. Other highlights include a six-month trial to OnStar navigation, so that your OnStar Advisor can send turn-by-turn directions to your navigation screen. Sirius XM Travel Link will update your screen with nearby gas station fuel prices, weather reports and even movie times.

MyLink technology can already be found on the Chevy Spark, Chevy Sonic, Chevy Cruze, Chevy Volt, Chevy Malibu, Chevy Camaro, Chevy Equinox and Chevy Traverse. In the upcoming model year, five models have been announced that will feature MyLink technology. These include the Chevy Cruze, Chevy Impala, Chevy Silverado, Chevy Traverse and the all new Chevy SS.

Technology has advanced so far that there is no excuse for it to distract you. There is also no longer the need for five or six different devices in your car. You can now have all you need in one place. Do your part in keeping the roads a safer place with Chevrolet MyLink. Stop by your local Chevy dealer and ask a Chevy representative for more information about the MyLink feature.