Dreampharm Ginkgo Biloba

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Dreampharm is established to pursue excellence. It is built to provide customers with the highest quality natural dietary supplement sold at a reasonable and affordable price in mind. The Dreampharm vision is dedicated towards achieving that noble end. Dreampharm do not manufacture the Dreampharm ginkgo biloba products themselves but outsourced them from other FDA-approved manufacturing facility.

Dreampharm ginkgo biloba products are stamped with quality. Each has been manufactured with great care using the highest quality of materials. Then the Dreampharm ginkgo biloba products are prepared in small batches to ensure that the best outcome is achieved. With each Dreampharm ginkgo biloba you purchase, you are assured of the highest quality of ginkgo.

Recommended dosage for each dreampharm ginkgo biloba is 1 or 2 capsules three times a day after every meal. A bottle of Dreampharm ginkgo biloba contains 90 capsules that are sealed tightly for your safety. Each Dreampharm ginkgo biloba capsule contains 300mg of ginkgo biloba leaf, 100mg of sclerotium poriase cocos, 100mg of Dioscoreae oppsitae rhizome to give your optimum health benefit. No yeast, corn, soy, salt, sugar, chemical, preservative and artificial color has been added to the Dreampharm ginkgo biloba supplement. You can be assured that each capsule is packed with fresh and natural ingredients.
Each Dreampharm ginkgo biloba has natural ginkgo biloba leaf powder rather than extracts.

Dreampharm ginkgo biloba has phytochemicals that enhance blood flow to the brain and entire body. With increase in blood flow to the brain, Dreampharm ginkgo biloba helps improve your brain functions including memory and concentration. Dreampharm ginkgo biloba may even help people afflicted with Alzheimer’s or dementia. So, if you are suffering from these ailments, Dreampharm ginkgo biloba could help feel better, alert, sociable and be able to think clearly and lead a life unimpeded by the disease.

Dreampharm ginkgo biloba’s beneficial effects extend to your moods. So if you are feeling weak, depressed and tired, Dreampharm ginkgo biloba could make you feel better. Dreampharm ginkgo biloba’s active ingredients will give much needed relief to your cold feet and hand problems, limb swelling and eye weakness through improving blood circulation to the extremities. Dreampharm ginkgo biloba contains its famous antioxidant properties that can retard the aging processes.
The Poria also known as “Hoelen” added to Dreampharm ginkgo biloba is another popular and widely used herb. Poria has diuretic, cardiotonic and immunotonic effects that complements the Dreampharm ginkgo biloba functions. Dioscorea or wild yam is a classic herb well know for its tonic effects. Dreampharm ginkgo biloba products contain safe mixtures and dosages of these three well-known herbs to give you maximum health benefits.

However, if you are pregnant, lactating, taking medication or have a medical condition, caution maust be exercised in taking Derampharm ginkgo biloba. You should consult a physician before taking Dreampharm ginkgo biloba product to ensure your safety. Dreampharm ginkgo biloba serves as a natural supplement. Dreampharm ginkgo biloba is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

With Dreampharm ginkgo biloba your health and well-being could just be a capsule away.

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