Drawbacks To Pilates

Instruction in the Pilates method can be quite costly.
These costs are justified by instructors due to their
expensive education, the cost of equipment and also the
cost of studio rentals.

Sometimes a person new to Pilates will be given individual
supervision until the instructor believes that the trainee
has developed enough knowledge to continue his or her
training in a group or a class.

Here is another less obvious drawback to consider. While
Pilates can serve to tone the transverse abdominis and
rectus muscles, when it is performed to often or wrongly,
it can cause an over-development in the internal and
external oblique muscles of the abdomen.

This usually results in a flat stomach but sometimes a
wider waist. This is because a lot of the Pilates exercises
are practiced through flexion while the torso moves in a
linear, forward fashion.

Exercising during pregnancy has been found to be important
for preventing musculoskeletal problems and for maintaining
muscle strength.

When Pilates is used in pregnancy, it has been found to
have many benefits both physically and mentally.

However, many exercises during pregnancy are
contra-indicated. The use of Pilates when a woman is
pregnant should first meet with the approval of her doctor.
Then it should only be used if one is being guided by a
qualified expert.

Legal action

In recent years, the term -Pilates- came under fire and
resulted in a lawsuit. However the U.S. federal court ruled
that this term was generic and was free for unrestricted

This has caused confusion among consumers because many
people do not know what Pilates really is and what
credentials they should look for in an instructor.

Source: https://positivearticles.com