Doubt Is Main Cause Of Failure In Anything

The biggest reason why we have bad experiences and failures in any area of life is doubt. We doubt when we worry and fear. That is what causes all the failures in our work, marketing, business, relationships, health and everything else. Do you know why? Because we become what we think about most. All actions are effects and the only cause is thought. Worrying is using your imagination and emotion to create something you do not want. Worry and fear is unbelief. Our beliefs create reality. Unbelief is actually belief in the opposite of what we desire to create. When conflicting beliefs exist, we sabotage our reality creation. That is why we fail to manifest what we want.

Through the process of manifesting your desires, you may encounter situations where you still haven’t got what you wanted at a time you expect to get it, and you start to question and doubt that what you’re doing works. When you think “why isn’t this working yet” or “why hasn’t it happened yet”, you are moving away from your desire. When you have negative feelings of fear, worry or doubt, all you have to do is stop in that moment and change your focus onto what you want. You must do it in that moment and not later.

Focus on what you desire only. Do not focus on your fear of not getting it. If you believe that something won’t work or doubt it, then you will push the things you want away from you. Some people try visualizing and affirming what they want for a moment but then they spend the rest of the time undoing their reality creation by worrying, doubting and focusing not yet having what they want. Your belief that you can’t have what you really want will be created in your life as that thought energy goes to work to make sure you don’t get what you want.

The more you focus on what you want, the more the you move toward what you want and the thing you want also moves toward you. When you are not thinking about what you want, the you are in neutral. However, if you start to fear not getting what you want, or start thinking about the opposite, then you start to move away. When you start worrying, fearing, doubting that you can have what you really want, then you put the you in “reverse” and move away from the things you most desire. You are not only moving away mentally but also physically when your thoughts of doubt cause you to take actions out of doubt.

Simply intend, believe and be grateful because you know it is being taken care of. Then leave it and move on to the next thing. This not only saves you from failure, but it frees you so much time to intend so many more things instead of spending hours worrying over that one thing. The reason why you experience confusion in life is because you think about what you want and then you think or feel something apart from it. This creates confusion in your mind which attracts more confusion into your reality.

Cast all your cares to the Lord for he cares for you. Do not have a care in the world. Detachment has been proven to work over and over. Worry and fear has been proven to destroy over and over. According to research done at Spindrift Foundation on the power of prayer, a “thy will be done” prayer gets more than twice as many results as a specific “give me this” prayer. That’s why it’s so important to end your request for anything you want with the words, “this or something better.”

You attract what you think about, so if you are always worrying about money, even though you wish to be wealthy, you will ultimately attract a lack of money into your like. However, if you are thinking about yourself enjoying grand wealth and affluence long enough, without conflicting thoughts of poverty or money worries, you will attract wealth into your life. The same goes for any area of you life. You have to focus on thinking about the presence rather than the absence of the thing you want.

Resistance stops the flow of energy. Resistance is the cause of stress. Resistance is like trying to drive with the brakes on. When you stop the flow of energy, you stop action, or you require tremendous amounts of energy to enable action. If you think of any goal you would like to achieve, you will notice certain feelings of resistance in your body. Worry, fear and doubt is resistance. Free of resistance, it is possible to accomplish great things with ease and effortlessness.

Don’t get discouraged if you start to doubt or worry from time to time. That is natural. You don’t have to think about what you want 100% of the time. If you think about what you want more than what you don’t want, you’ll get what you want. The question is degree. If 60% of the time you think about your desires, and 40% of the time you are in worry or fear, chances are you will eventually get what you desire. But if you think about what you desire 80% of the time and only go in fear 20% of the time, you get there much faster and easier. The Law of Attraction always yields to you the essence of the balance of your thoughts.

Attraction minus Repulsion = Rate of Manifestation.

If you find yourself at times doubting or fearing. Just get yourself back on track by focusing on what you want, on what you desire, not on what you fear. Think about how it would be like if your desired situation already exist and start acting like it. Let go. Focus only on what you know and can, and leave the rest to the Source, God and the Universe. If you don’t, you only get in your own way. Let go and enjoy! Focus only on that which you can do. And the only thing you can effectively do is intend and enjoy Now. Focus on the Now, and you will start having inspiration instead of worries.