Don’t wait for the New Year, put your health first now!

We all know that exercise is important. We know that it improves our mood, helps us to either lose or maintain weight, increases our energy levels, helps prevent diseases – the list goes on. It’s so important that the government has gone as far as to set guidelines for exercise.

The government recommends that people exercise five times per week for 30 minutes at a moderate intensity for general health; however, studies have proven that vigorous activity 3-5 times a week for at least 20 minutes is what you need to attain maximum health benefits and increase longevity.

In today’s busy world where people are juggling work life, home life and a social life, there is little time left for any kind of exercise regardless of it being moderate or vigorous. Or is this perceived lack of time just and EXCUSE to be lazy? After all 20-30 minutes really isn’t that long. It’s the amount of time we spend hitting the snooze button every morning, the amount of time we waste watching tv or lazing around while dinner is in the oven.

Here are some techniques to help you become a healthier you!

Make the decision. The first step is deciding that your health comes before everything else. Consider excercise as the medicine that keeps you well. If you were ill and your doctor prescribed a medication you wouldn’t think of not taking it. Think of exercise in the same way.

Start today. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. The sooner you start the easier it will become. If you can stick to it for 21 days straight, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when it no longer feels like a lot of effort, but rather a regular part of your daily routine.

Find the time. Not having time is nothing more than an excuse. If you were to become ill, I guarantee you’d find the time to recover. You’re body wouldn’t allow you to continue with daily activities until you were well. To find the time write down what you do every day of the week. Look at your timetable and see where you have pockets of spare time.

Schedule it. Once you’ve found that time, schedule it! Book an appointment with yourself and don’t let anyone break it. You’re health is just as crucial as a scheduled meeting at work. You’re boss wouldn’t accept you missing a meeting and neither should you. Be your own boss.

Work hard. Once you’ve made the decision and found the time, the next step is to make the most of it. Work hard! As mentioned at the beginning of this article, vigorous activity has more health benefits than moderate intensity activities. Examples of vigorous activities are running, circuit training, team sports, tennis, badminton, and aerobics, basically anything that makes you sweat and increases your breathing.

Enjoy it. Find an activity you love to do. Whether it’s running or a gym class use the time to have fun. Enjoying what you do will set you up for success. Don’t think of exercise as a chore, rather as a way of life.

Remember it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Start yours today! Don’t be lazy. Don’t put it off. This is your health, your life. Don’t wait for the beginning of the New Year. New Year’s resolutions are another EXCUSE to putting things off. Feel great by the time the New Year comes around!