Don’t Underestimate The Usefulness Of Dreams

Dream in all its apparent illogicality, is actually quite a useful tool for understanding oneself. There are different types of dreams, but almost all dreams tell us something that we need to know.

For most dreams, the various characters within the dreamscape (including animals) can be viewed as certain aspects of ourselves. These characters often symbolise the following:

1. Sub-personalities. Often they are the parts of us that we are not consciously aware of.

2. Ingrained habits.

In addition to that, some dreams can also be recurring memories of something dramatic (or traumatic) that happened in the past.

Possibly the most interesting of dreams are those of a mystical nature. For example, certain dreams actually could be providing knowledge and esoteric understandings. These type of dreams can provide guidance for those on cultivation and spiritual paths.

Below is a real example of how a dream when deciphered provides one with useful and important information that are beneficial to one’s well being:

Lets call the dreamer Mr A.

In the dream, Mr A (the dreamer) is being stalked by some dinosaurs. He is terrified of them and hide from room to room of a building to avoid them.

There are 2 significant symbols within the dream. They are dinosaur and room. Dinosaur is usually being associated with being obsolete or outdated. Dinosaur could also represent old beliefs that are not longer valid or useful. Room represent an aspect of self.

The interpretation for the dream is as follows:

Mr A is being haunted by some old beliefs, patterns and concepts that are no longer useful. He is trying to shake off these beliefs. This dream may be an indication for him to recognise these beliefs that has become hindrances and relinquish them in order to move on.

You see, when interpreted correctly, the information thus derived from the dream is useful. If Mr A takes the dream interpretation as something of significance… he will know that he needs to let go of certain out-moded beliefs if he wants to progress in life.

In conclusion, understanding dreams can be quite helpful and beneficial.

For your necessary discernment. Thank you for reading.