Don’T Try Any Head Louse Treatments Until You Read This!

Believe it or not, it’s not that big of a deal to find and use an effective head louse treatment. So even though you may recently have found out that you have a case of head lice in your family, it can be handled without a lot of fuss. Getting rid of an infestation of head parasites may be a nuisance but it’s not difficult if you use the right treatment. With the ever growing number of head lice infections, there has been a lot of work done on controlling these pests.

These insects are probably one of the safer parasites that can infest a person. Yes, they’re a annoying pests that make your head itch and can irritate your scalp. That’s about all the trouble they cause for us however. Unlike mosquitoes, they are not considered a health hazard. Of course, the ease with which they can be transferred from person to person is a problem.

While researching this subject, you may have found that there are many so called “natural” remedies to cure a case of head lice. Fact is however, there really are only 4 basic ways or methods to deal with the problem. Generally, all treatment options can actually be placed into 1 of these four groups.

There are several insecticide based shampoos that all claim a certain unique property but let’s face it, they can all be grouped into the bug poison shampoo solution.

Here’s a Breakdown of the Four Groups or Types of Head Louse Treatment plans Available

1. Use a bug poison based shampoo. This works but you run the risk of having an allergic reaction to the insecticides used to kill the head lice. You also need to be very careful because there are open sores on your child’s head from the louse. This is an open pathway for the bug poison to enter their body.

2. All mechanical means to remove the parasites and eggs involve carefully combing from hair follicle to the tip of the hair. It’s a big chore in someone with long hair. Still, it is an effective method of insect removal as long as you don’t miss even a single nit.

3. Use essential oil shampoos. These are the best alternative way of treating a head pest problem. No need to worry about the poison and it works. The only thing about this is that you will probably need to shampoo several times to make certain everything has died and is gone. Not a big deal because the ingredients are safe and effective for use on people. Essential oil shampoos also usually provide relief for the itching by naturally treating the sores that cause the person to scratch.

4. Home cures on the Web are easily found and easily discarded. Most are based on smothering as a head louse treatment plan. Thing is that research has shown that pediculosis can live underwater for over 8 hours without air. Pediculus humanus is a fancy term for a head lice infestation.

The fact that their survival rate even under water is so long makes smothering with various food products like mayonnaise, cooking oils, shortening, peanut butter, etc. a long and drawn out process. Overall, not a good strategy to deal with the head lice problem.

So in the end, only you can decide which head louse treatment if right for your use. Consider that only one category of products, the essential oil products have the best opportunity to get rid of the problem without using poisons. Overall a good choice.