Don’t Save For A Rainy Day!

Have you ever noticed that positive people attract positive things into their lives? Perhaps you’ve also observed that negative people attract negative things into their lives. What you focus your mind on, you will bring into your life. That’s why I don’t believe in saving money for a “rainy day.”

Many times you hear people say things like, “I’m saving money for a rainy day,” or, “I’m putting money aside in case of an emergency.”

But how does that thinking affect your mind? Your mind is now looking for, expecting, and actually attracting an emergency. Why? Because every time you take the action of putting money aside, “in case of an emergency,” you are building in your mind the fact that an emergency is eminent. You have told your mind what that money is for, and your mind responded by simply saying, “Okay.”

So am I saying don’t save any money? Absolutely not. I am saying not to save money for a negative purpose. Save for retirement. Save for a home project. Save for college tuition for your children.

What about saving for a fabulous vacation? Imagine reinforcing that to your brain on a regular basis! Call it your vacation fund and watch it grow. Anticipate how wonderful it will be when you finally leave for the vacation of your dreams!

Now, along the way an emergency may come up. And if necessary, that would financially take precedence over a vacation. But the important point is not to focus on rainy days or emergencies. Your focus on saving money should pinpoint something positive.

And did you know that as you continue to save money, your mind is aware of that? Your mind knows that the money is growing. That’s a good thing because your mind will want to naturally attract more. What you focus on expands.

I remember once that in just a short time I saved hundreds of dollars in spending money for a family vacation. My wife and I and our two adult children made plans to go to Italy for a family vacation. This would be our last vacation with just the four of us since my daughter was getting married.

We had acquired the necessary funds by the date required to take the trip. What was lacking was spending money. I had a plan.

Many years ago when we lived in California, and the kids were little, we saved quarters in a jar for over 2 years in order to take them to Disneyland. But this was a much bigger project and we only had less than five months.

My wife and I made an agreement. I had a small leather wastebasket that I bought a few years before when she and I visited Florence, Italy. Any time either of us had a five dollar bill we agreed to put it into that basket. Then, a couple days before we were to leave for our family vacation, we would take out all the fives, count them, and disperse the money so that we could all have some spending cash.

Neither my wife nor I can ever remember seeing so many five-dollar bills before! Instead of getting a ten-dollar bill in change, they were giving us two fives. Every time we turned around another five dollar bill appeared, and into the basket they went, week after week.

Every time we put a five in the basket, it would simply reinforce to our minds that we were gathering fives. So on a very regular basis, almost every day, for a moment or two, we were focusing on five-dollar bills. It was fun and it was exciting. And that’s exactly what we attracted into our lives.

Shortly before the trip, we counted and divided up the money. We had collected hundreds of dollars.

You can do the same thing with a special savings account or whatever method you like. For me, that leather basket represented something special. Seeing it every day just helped me to lock in my mind and heart.

Our minds really do attract what we focus on. Some call it “The Law of Attraction.” Others refer to it as “The Law of Vibration,” or “The Power of Positive Thinking.” Some say, “You become what you look at.”

You can call it what you want, I just know the Bible says, “As he thinks in his heart so is he.” Consistent thoughts in your mind will end up in your heart and when that happens, that’s what you will bring into your life. The mind is a lot like a magnet.

So if you’re saving money, check your purpose and make sure it is a positive purpose, like a vacation, or an investment, or college education. Just keep it positive, because what you focus on will expand.