Don’t mess with Mr. In-between!

Maybe, just maybe, this describes you. For some time now you’ve given serious thought to starting your own home based business, but! (Don’t you know it, no matter how good an idea, there always seems to be a big but around.)

One minute your thoughts are set on positive, you are convinced of your natural skills, your square-jawed determination to succeed, to prevail against all odds. After all, you’re the captain of your own destiny, aren’t you!

Yet, that’s the very moment when, out of left field, old man negativity rears his ugly head casting doubts, all about. Suddenly, you began to question your own tenacity and decision making abilities, the main ingredients needed for success in any business enterprise.

At that instant, you tell yourself, these doubts never confronted anyone else before, if I really had the right stuff, I would be spared of these worries, just toss them aside and dash headlong into my own project.

Perhaps, these same worries are still holding you back and destroying your dreams of starting your own business.

I am reminded now, of when this positive idea first popped into my conscious thoughts, and I quickly embraced its inspiration. In the first few moments I flexed my self-confidence, I knew I could create my own winning business.

At the outset, my ego took center stage and after a few minutes of giving myself an unbiased and careful assessment, I naturally concluded objectively that; I was brilliant, self assured, and modestly speaking, ready to confront the business world with a sound, sensible business concept of my own, displaying my many innumerable talents.

Yet, a funny thing happened on the way to reality, out of the blue, I became plagued with a tsunami of self doubts, all but drowning my positive vibes.

I began to question my own resolve, if I really had what it takes, you know, the elusive qualities so needed for success, in other words – the right stuff.

I began musing as to whether; I had the time, was really smart enough, had the necessary funds, etc.. After all, I had nothing to sell at that time, maybe, in fact I was stuffed with all the wrong stuff.

In order to fortify my wishes for a home business I proudly informed my ‘friends’ of my high-flying plans, eagerly expecting their encouragements, maybe even a couple of “atta-boys.”

However, they not only did their best to confirm my apprehensions, but piled on a few added negatives of their own.

I was about to throw in the towel, surrender my hopes when I remembered a bit of true advice offered musically years ago by the late Johnny Mercer, namely to “Accent the positive, eliminate the negative, and don’t mess with Mr. In-between!”

At this point, don’t worry, I won’t regale you with the aftermath, in the end it’s the past, and history has its ups and downs to be sure. The point I’m attempting to make is for you to leave the doubting to others.

Chances are, once you can learn to separate true problems and concerns from mere misgivings and believe enough in yourself, you’ll soon discover on your own, that maybe, just maybe, perhaps deep down you do have, the right stuff.