Don’t Hang off the Wagon

How often do we fall, or even hang off the wagon?

We all go through the various ebbs and flows of inspiration and apathy. However, when we see that cool movie or see Brad Pitt with six-pack abs in Fight Club, we jump back on the wagon. This depends on the person and their own life experience, but generally, there is no smooth upward ascent. Generally, our boosts of inspiration will eventually fade and we will forget, unconsciously, of our own goals and what we had to do to achieve them.

They will still be out there and we will still take general steps to uncover them, but our most regimented procedures to become the next bodybuilder or great writer or professional actor were forgotten when Fight Club became a movie we hadn’t seen for two months, when we went on vacation for a week, when we decided to eat a cheeseburger over a weekend and we decided to only casually continue our diet.

We must remind ourselves of our initial goals.

Nobody consciously decides to jump completely off the wagon. We sortof hang off when our life calls for it, and never really get back on until we’re reminded too. We would always like to be on the wagon, but we can’t be. We are imperfect human beings.

However, it is impossible to streamline this process as much as possible and remind ourselves as often as we possibly can. If getting that rock hard body is a goal of ours, we should watch a bodybuilding movie (Pumping Iron) or something equivalent (300) about once every one or two weeks. This will keep our motivation spikes high and make it tough to hang off the wagon. If you want to become a millionare and need to dedicate your every waking moment to acquire a skill to get you there, watch MTV Cribs with frequency or Entourage or something like that that keeps you REMINDED of the goal.

Keeping our motivation spikes up is integral to getting where we want to be in the world. Being conscious of the natural drops in these spikes and taking steps to prevent them can be the difference between you being Brad Pitt and the guy who hangs out the beach cause he’s kinda in shape.