Don’t Feel Bad About Your “Gummy Smile” Anymore

If you suffer from big gums that make your smile look awkward. You may have what is called a “Gummy Smile”. A “Gummy Smile” is a hereditary disfigurement, that make the gums look large and protruding while making the teeth appear small and or misshapen. It is common for people with a “Gummy Smile” to feel self conscious about smiling or showing off their teeth, because in comparison to a correct smile, theirs appears unattractive. Shying away from smiling can have serious consequences on your health and personal life.

It is a major concern if you feel ashamed about smiling because of a “Gummy Smile”. It has been documented that there are many health benefits that are directly linked to strong teeth and smiling. It is a known fact that smiling relaxes the body, because it releases endorphins and serotonin in the brain. When these chemicals are released your blood pressure is lowered and your body’s immune system increases. When a person does not feel confident about smiling it can cause depression, and can leave the body vulnerable to infectious bacteria.

Another benefit to smiling is that it makes you more approachable and easy going when it comes to interactive social situations. Smiling makes social interaction easier because it is a natural inclination of acceptance when it is directed toward another person. A smile indicates various personal details such as confidence, good genetics, and accentuates a strong bones structure. All these are beneficial when it comes to interacting with other people.

Understanding the benefits of a good smile is what causes many people to seek out corrective surgery. If you have a “Gummy Smile” and want to change the way your smile looks you are in luck, because there are a variety of “Gummy Smile” correction surgeries that can improve the way you look. The first step to correcting your “Gummy Smile” is contacting a cosmetic dentist who specializes in these types of surgeries.

The second important thing to understand is that there are many different surgeries to correct the “Gummy Smile”. Depending on the severity of you “Gummy Smile” there are multiple surgical possibilities.

When the “Gummy Smile” is mild dental surgery procedure of choice is a Gingivectomy. During a Gingivectomy a cosmetic dentist will use a dental laser to remove small amounts of gum tissue. The procedure is painless and it takes only two weeks for the gums to heal.

In the case of a more advanced “Gummy Smile” it is necessary for a cosmetic dentist to perform Crown Lengthening surgery. This surgery entails lifting the gum off the bone, then removing some and finally placing the gum in a higher position on the tooth to match the new gum level.

If the smile is still not perfect, additional treatment may be necessary. The cosmetic dentist will use porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns to fix the teeth to balance them with to the gums. This final procedure can be completed in only two visits.

So no matter what kind of “Gummy Smile” you have there is a surgical procedure that is perfect for you. Consult a cosmetic dentist about the best procedure for your “Gummy Smile” correction.

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