Don’t Deny Your Age – Adore Your Age With Adoragemd

Have you ever tried Adorage’s Retinol cream?

Only retinoids and Glycolic acid are known for the decades of clinical studies to turn around aging skin.

Adorage’s ability to combine Glycolic acid with Retinol safely and effectively is unique in the skincare marketplace.

According to all dermatological studies only few substances have already demonstrated ability to reduce and prevent wrinkles and photoaging. All these active ingredients are assembled in this Retinol cream. This formulation is very effective and delivers significant results because of special epidermal absorption technology of the product and high concentration of active ingredients. By binding all the necessary ingredients in a specific matrix ( technology is patented), Adorage’s Retinol cream effectively transport them deep within the skin, without any irritation and producing optimal results. Once concentrated doses of active ingredients are delivered within the skin layers, they can exert their therapeutic action.

1. Moisturizing effect: Lysine PCA, glycerin, urea and other ingredients sooth dry skin and make it supple. They lead to a more intensive and longer lasting increase in the water binding capacity of the skin.

2. Antioxidants: Vitamin E as Tocopherol soothes and softens the skin, helps to speed any scars healing. It is very effective antioxidant, protecting from UV induced oxidative damage. When Adorage’s Vitamin C serum is used with Retinol cream, you will receive a synergistic action of these two vitamins in inhibition of lipid peroxidation, thus supporting the antioxidant potential of Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

3. Exfoliating effect: Aging skin looks rough and allow because it doesn’t slough off dead surface skin cells as easily as younger skin. Our exfoliating ingredient antioxidant-based Glycolic acid( 5%)compound addresses this situation, renews the skin more effectively than any scrubs, masks or abrasive cloths. It has a significant penetration potential under the layers of the skin, leads to epidermal restructuring by increasing cell renewal as well as the amount of collagen at dermis level. Medical studies prove that Glycolic acid and Retinol used in tandem produce greater results than used alone. Our Retinol 0,5% is a concentrated form of retinol that induces skin’s cells turnover and boosts collagen deposits. Additional benefits include fading “Age spots”, stimulating production of new blood vessels in the skin, improving skin color. It can actually redirect aged cells to behave in a more youthful manner, diminish acne and even skin tone.

Some sensitive skin has to become acclimated to retinoid, and you have to avoid sensitive areas as eye lids and lips

4. Reduction in the deep and moderate wrinkles: Matrixyl is one of the most promising ingredients to do it. The longer it is used the better the skin looks. Matryxil molecule is small enough to be absorbed by the skin tissue, reminding the skin’s cells to stay hydrated and produce collagen. This “concert” of highly effective ingredients in Adorage’s Retinol cream is recommended by dermatologists to be used as a night regimen. A sunscreen has to be used as a protective factor against sun damage during the day. To be more effective we recommend to apply Vitamin C serum first and then Retinol cream on top of it. Retinol cream gives the overall restoration of the skin, restoration of the genetic memory of skin’s cells, slowing down the process of aging, toxin’s secretion, deep moisturizing, smoothing of fine wrinkles and stopping the appearance of new ones.

Adore your skin at any age. Don’t deny your age, look fabulous every day.