Don’t Be Fooled By Your Symptoms

Why do we so easily get fooled into focusing upon symptoms and blinded as to their causes? The very act of focusing so fully upon the symptom itself distracts your attention away from its root cause. This is true of many things in life, be it work, relationships or health. We pay dearly for this folly in every area, but none more so than in our health.

In a relationship it becomes all too easy to pay attention to a minor argument whilst not looking at the emotions and the history which have set a solid foundation from which that little squabble has sprung. In reality the only way to make things better in the long run is to look at the whole picture and not at that one little blip on the horizon. We know this, but do we do it?

Why do we turn a blind eye to the bigger picture? Usually the answer is because we are afraid. We don’t want to be confrontational, or we are scared that pandora’s box is about to be opened and the lid will never go back down. We are basically creatures of habit and are scared of change and the unknown. But in a relationship this is not always the best way forward.

In business it is similarly easy to become tied up in the focus upon “symptoms” as opposed to their causes. Unless you have a solid understanding of the overall business you can easily find yourself fighting fire in a frenzy of frustration and losing sight of where you are meant to be heading. This is why in large businesses there are key people whose task it is to maintain their focus and organize all players to best achieve the desired result.

But if you are a “one man band” you have to do everything yourself. You have to find a way in which to deal with the minutia and the overview. This can be a challenging task and one of the easiest ways in which to fail is to spend endless hours dealing with the lumps and bumps, thereby distracting your attention away from what you really want – propelling your business forwards in the right direction.

In health issues we can see this same pattern so very clearly. You get indigestion and take a “Rennie” or equivalent. You get a hangover and nurse it all day, but do you stop drinking so much? You get acid reflux, IBS, stress and endless other symptoms, but do you change your lifestyle? Do you change your attitude? But you can ignore the messages which your body is trying to tell you at your own peril!

It is important though not only to observe your own body and lifestyle, but to take a look at the bigger picture too. The community in which we live has a major impact upon our health and our susceptibility to disease. Read a little about the “Roseto Study” and I’m sure you will agree.

As a community we suffer heart disease, cancer and many, many illnesses which scientific research has clearly shown are caused as much by the way in which we live (if not more so) as by our genetic inheritance. When I say “the way we live” I do not just refer to diet and exercise regimes; I mean community spirit, the effect of being in a good and close relationship, family support, relaxation and balance.

It is very clear that the only way in which these major health issues can be tackled is by looking at the whole community, not just the whole person and certainly not focusing merely upon the symptom.

Focusing upon symptoms is the easy way out, but in reality it is a cop out; Unless you open your eyes to the bigger picture it may ultimately prove to be a killer.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for health, balance and well-being.

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