Dollar Store Coaching VS. Millionaire Mentoring

I’m writing this article sitting in front of a dollar store in West Palm Beach, Florida. As you know our corporate headquarters is located here in the beautiful Palm Beaches of South Florida.

There is also a very large retirement community here and because of the retirement, most people age 65 or older are dead broke. So, what has flourished down here over the last many years are the infamous dollar store deals, dollar store products.

You go in and get something for $1 or under $1. Well, let me expose you to the reality of dollar store deals – just like dollar store coaching.

People may say…

‘It’s only $100 for a coaching session!’ ‘It’s 3 coaching sessions for ONLY $400!’ ‘It’s 3 coaching sessions for this or that.’

Here is what occurs at the dollar stores in South Florida.

You go in and say…

‘Wow, this is really good; I’ll buy this dollar store deal. Then you know, as you are walking out, you say to yourself, ‘Who am I kidding? This really isn’t going to work as well as if I invested in highly valuable and proven product.’

Within a week or two of using the product at your home, it breaks, and you say to yourself…

‘Well, I have to break down now, and I have to step up to the plate and go to the real store to get the real product so I can receive the real value and most importantly, the real benefits, of what I’m searching for within this product line – whatever product it is.

This parallels coaching – 1000%

This gets me absolutely totally frustrated and gets my blood pressure rising is when I see these so-called life coaches and so-called coaches…..

Let me tell you… -It is a Complete Joke-

The only way someone can coach you is if they have achieved what you want to do, or are doing what you want to achieve.

That is why there is a big difference between waste of time dollar store coaching and Millionaire Mentoring.

How many of you have had coaching sessions with so-called coaches and gotten nothing out of it because the coach can not guide you, will not make you feel uncomfortable, can not mentor you to where you want to go because they never did it.

When you are ready for *EXPLOSIVE GROWTH* take a deep breath and invest in Million Dollar Mentoring, invest in the correct coaching.

As you know, we have hundreds of testimonials worldwide about our Million Dollar Mentoring one-on-one coaching programs.

Is it one of the most expensive coaching programs in the world?

Absolutely – Bar None – No Questions Asked. Irrefutably Yes.

Because it ain’t no dollar store coaching.

It is the real deal.

It is the real Million Dollar Mentoring Coaching.

The next time you go to the dollar store and buy something real cheap and it breaks down, think about what you are doing with your dream and your goal….

Are you willing to invest in the real Million Dollar Mentoring and finally take control of your life?

I believe you are…

I believe the reason you are reading this is because you are searching for the right way.

You are searching for it!