Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training is not like having your dog sit on a potty like we used to do with our kids rather it’s guiding our dogs to where they should pee or poop. In most cases for dog potty training, this area would be outside your house where we can allow some odor.

Here are some things you need to know before we do a dog potty training

*When do we bring our dogs outside? How do we know if it’s time to take them out and do a dog potty training on him.

Right after he eats
Right after his naps
Right after taking him out of his crate
Right before his bedtime
if he whimpers in the night
when you notice them looking around

*You can only feed or give him water when you’re ready to take him out

*If he does pee or poop to an area where you don’t want him to, for example on your expensive furniture just quietly clean it up and ignore him, don’t every yell at him or punish him.
For an effective dog potty training, the area should be thoroughly cleaned leaving no trace of odor so that it will be unlikely for him to unload on that same spot.

*Be cautious of what your dog is eating. Avoid giving him high sugar foods which give your dog low nutrition and low digestibility which would turn to high volume of waste to unload for your dog.

*Avoid giving him treats before bedtime or before you leave him for a long period of time

*Dogs needs to pee or poop 15-20 minutes after they eat

*Another effective way for dog potty training is to not to take them immediately inside after they unload because they will be having an impression that once they’re done eliminating “the fun of being outside” is going to end. So stay outside with him for few minutes and take him for a walk or much better play with him.

Now how to do a dog potty training. Younger puppies are more likely easier to do a dog potty training rather than older dogs. I will post another article concerning dog potty training older dogs later on. A suitable time to do a dog potty training is when puppies are still 6 months old since at this age they are likely to be easier to train, they are like input-output machines. Dog trainers would like to start teaching skills and tricks to dogs at this age as well as dog potty training.

The common method is the newspaper dog potty training.

Restrict the puppy to a small room and fill the floor with paper or newspaper. Place his toys, bed, water and food bowl on there. The puppy will almost pee and poop everywhere on that newspaper filled room. And worse he is going to play with the papers and chew on them. This is OK, don’t get mad its all a part of the dog potty training. The important thing to do is to clean the mess and replace it with new sets of newspaper.

While he is restricted to that small area he will have a habit of urinating and unloading his dirt on those newspapers because everywhere he goes its all in paper. In time with this newspaper dog potty training method, the puppy will start to choose a spot where he unloads. When this spot will become established and the other areas are clean with fresh newspaper, it means that you are on the right track with the dog potty training.

Now, reduce the newspaper area by taking out some sheets that are far from his chosen spot. Until what will be left are few sheets down on that area only. When he misses his chosen spot then you fail your dog potty training or you might have trim down the area so soon. But don’t worry all we need to do is follow the first few steps on our newspaper dog potty training method by filling up the puppy’s room again with newspaper. Eventually the puppy won’t miss his target and you will need to slowly move the newspaper to your preferred location. Its not going to be easy, you have to move it 1 inch per day. Every time the puppy misses the paper then you have to go back a few steps. The hard thing with the newspaper dog potty training is when your puppy is doing remarkable progress until he misses the paper and you need to do few steps backward or papering the room again. But if you will stick with the newspaper dog potty training method, eventually your puppy will be successfully paper trained.