Dog Bad Breath

Bad Breath Causes and Cures for Dogs

For a dog lover like you, one of the nicest gestures that your dog can give is a lick to your face. But what if your dog has bad breath? Would you still allow you face to be licked? Probably, not! And no question about it; if your dog has bad breath, you want it to be cured immediately.

Dog bad breath causes…

One of the most probable reasons why dogs have bad breath is poor teeth grooming. Like people, dog’s teeth must be cleaned regularly. Left unchecked, teeth will breed bacteria that will lead to some dental problem and even serious diseases. Rotten teeth will definitely cause bad breath.

Other known causes of bad breath to dogs are diseases that can sometimes lead to death of your pet. Dog bad breath is sometimes a sign of serious disease such as lung cancer and other dog related diseases to vital organs such as liver, heart, and kidney.

Foreign object such as hair and bone stuck in between teeth of your dog can cause bad breath. Swelling around the tissues that surround the teeth can also result to dog bad breath as well. Tumors of the mouth or oral neoplasia and oral ulceration can result to dog bad breath.

The kind of food that your dog eats is another reason why it develops bad breath.

Other signs that your dog has bad breath aside from smelling the dog’s breath itself…

As dog bad breath is an effect of existing problem to the teeth and is often associated with disease, your dog may manifest other characteristic that is unusual to a healthy dog. Such actions include: drooling, depression, eating difficulty, (bloody) oral discharge, difficulty swallowing, and oral pain. If you see some if these, better have your dog be checked by a veterinarian.

Dog bad breath cures…

Correct diagnosis to the problem leads to a successful cure. Oftentimes, dog bad breath is taken as a minor problem and can be solved as soon as the dog has given a tooth brush. No, bad breath to dogs should be taken seriously for you will never know the reason for such condition. If internal problem is the reason of dog bad breath, the dog should be given the right treatment. If oral tumor is causing your dog to have foul smelling mouth, then have it treated by the veterinarian as well.

If the problem roots from plaque and tartar, regular scraping, cleaning, and periodontal therapy are needed. Have your dog undergo these procedures to cure its breath.

If there is an object that causes bad breath to your dog, then have it removed by the veterinarian, or remove it yourself if you can. Once the object is removed, regularly check your dog’s dental condition to prevent such occurrence.

There are causes of bad breath that can be easily remedied by proper oral hygiene. Brush your dog’s teeth daily. There are specially made toothpaste with meaty flavor for your dog to love. Dog care supply is available from your veterinarian.

If the food causes your dog to develop bad breath, then the only way to cure it is by changing its diet.

Known cure for dog bad breath is chlorhexidine. 0.12% of chlorhexidine is sprayed to your dog’s mouth everyday for two weeks. This is prescribed by your veterinarian.