Does Your Brain Need To Be Re-Wired?

I had a dream the other day which was incredibly vivid and provided great insight into my subconscious emotions. In it, my friend had sliced the top of her head off and also the back off her head. I was with her and was trying to put these two slices of her flesh back on. I was using Velcro to try and stick the top of her head with, but without very much luck. After a little while of fiddling around, she decided just to place the piece from the back of her head in a carrier bag and simply take it home in this manner.

To enable you to understand this dream you need to know that my friend always tells me that “she needs a new head” or that she needs to have her head rewired. She also likes to call me “aunty Roseanna” as she thinks of me as her agony aunt. Now the dream is making a little more sense, isn’t it? You’ll notice too, that my attempts with Velcro were not very successful, reflecting the obvious fact that I cannot “do it for her”. All I can do, in my capacity of either friend or therapist, is to listen and ask questions so as to help her to make whatever changes she needs to make.

The fact that I had this dream is perhaps because of my own growing feeling of frustration that she knows what she needs to do, talks about it a lot, but never quite gets around to doing it. The “job” which your mind does when you dream is to resolve hidden conflicts and unconscious emotional issues. The dreams which this process creates are a symbolic indication as to what your mind is mulling over. When you pay attention to your dreams you will realize that they can tell you quite a lot.

I was also aware of another feeling which was involved in this same dream; there was an undercurrent of guilt. Guilt is a really uncomfortable emotion and it basically serves no useful purpose. It is an emotion which needs to be let go of. The symbolic way in which my dream played out the guilty emotions took the form of my mother appearing at the door, pulling a golf cart, and saying that she didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

Again, a little background may help you to appreciate the connections here. I had just that evening flown home from California (where I had been for eight weeks) and instead of simply going home to see my mum (who is in her eighties and had missed me a lot) I had been picked up at the airport by my friend who had then come home with me to talk. This meant, of course, that I only had time for a brief “hello” with my mum. I did feel guilty about that; very guilty. And this guilt also probably promoted the sense of frustration at my friend still talking through the same old things in the same old manner.

My guilt was enhanced in the dream by the presence of the golf cart. I am the golfer, not my mum. The fact that my mum felt that she, in my dream, had to bring golf clubs so as to join in with my life symbolized an even greater undercurrent of guilt. I do sometimes feel that I do not save enough time for my mum, and yet still find the time for golf and for friends.

Now I know that in reality my mum does not feel that this is the case. She does in fact see a lot of me and spends a fair amount of time with me. It is my desire for everything to be “perfect” which causes these guilty emotions to bubble up from time to time. When they do so I seize the opportunity to either change what I am doing or intentionally “bin” the guilt.

Thus, the message in this dream was one which prompted me to ask myself “do I spend enough time with mum?” The answer is “yes”; therefore I worked on letting go of the guilt. Had the answer been “no” then I would have taken action to give my mum greater priority.

Dreams can be very informative; they provide insight into subconscious thoughts and issues, thereby providing you with an opportunity to take action.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads to provide access to your subconscious mind and help achieve your dreams.

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