Does It Pay To Buy Organic?

There are an increasing number of consumers becoming concerned about the chemical ingredients found in their products. The demand for organic products is growing because more people are choosing a healthier lifestyle. Today, it is becoming much easier to include organics in everyday life.

A Toxic Environment

Chemicals found in manufactured foods, personal care products, industrial agriculture foods, and chemically treated water, have been linked to many health problems. Chemical ingestion, inhalation, and absorption into the body have shown to increase birth defects, rates of cancer, neurological conditions, and behavioral and developmental problems in children.

New evidence also shows pesticides in a woman’s bloodstream can be passed to a fetus in the womb. Most of these toxic chemicals are so cheap that they are used in very high concentrations in many personal care products. Industrial agriculture use excessive amounts of water, power, and industrial chemicals which has increased soil, water, and atmosphere contamination. Herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and animal waste are accumulating in ground and surface waters.

Benefits of Buying Organic

Eating an organic diet decreases chemical and pesticide exposure. Organic farming eliminates the use of chemical additives and the produce is high in nutrients, low in nitrates, and free of artificial preservatives. The role of organic agriculture, whether in farming, processing, distribution, or consumption, is to sustain and enhance the health of ecosystems and all of its creatures. Organic based ingredients contain more vitamins, nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants than non-organic ingredients. Using organic products such as skin care products can help you take better care of your skin.

The Salt Factor

Table salt is different from salt from natural sources such as the ancient Himalayan salt mines. Table salt has been processed to remove most of the natural elements. Grocery store salt consists of mostly chemical sodium chloride. If the sodium chloride is too high, re-crystallization of the table salt takes place. It poisons the system because those substances cannot be eliminated. A natural salt like Himalayan sea salt can provide good health. It also eliminates from your body so there is no toxic build up. Natural Himalayan sea salt contains up to 84 natural minerals.

Great Things Come In Small Batches

Handmade organic products are carefully made with the body and environment in mind. Handmade products have no artificial ingredients and unnecessary chemicals normally used to produce colour, fragrance, and texture. When using these products every day in your bath or shower, you receive the benefit of naturally helping to protect yourself from disease. Natural anti-bacterial action is gentler and more holistic than chemical anti-bacterial action. A person can be exposed to many bacterial infections and viruses. Hand made organics help to protect the body naturally. There many benefits when using organic body care products. It leaves the body feeling clean and soft. They contain natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. As well, they are free of chemicals, petroleum-based products, and artificial fragrances.