Does Dehydration affect exercise performance?

Yes, dehydration has some influences on the preface of an athlete. Most athletes know that water is very important but very few of them consider the effects that lack of water in the body has on their performance.

The fact is that water maintains blood volume and also regulates body temperatures. Additionally, water is involved in the muscle contractions. This in simple terms means that if your body has little water you are likely to compromise the blood functionality and also the muscle functionality. This can be dangerous and at the same time reduce the ability to perform well on the athletics.

Ways that water affects exercise performance

Reduction in blood volume

As I have stated above, dehydration causes a reduction in blood volume which later affects the amount of blood flowing to the skin. This will eventually decrease sweat rate. If the issue is not corrected fast enough, it will lead to more serious issues such as increased core temperatures and decreased heat dissipation. It can as well increase the use of glycogen in the body. If your cardio is not performing the right way, then there are chances that your performance will be affected significantly.

In simple terms, this means that the end result will be a decrease on the amount of blood returning to the heart. If the circulation system is not working perfectly during exercises, then you can be sure that your body will not perform adequately.

Hormonal Imbalance

When you are dehydrated, your body will not only switch to the famine mode but also will increase the production of other hormones to manage the conditions which can eventually lead to hormonal imbalance. What this simply means is that the production of stress hormones will increase when you are dehydrated which can ultimately have an impact on your performance.

Increased temperatures

When you are dehydrated, the body will not be able to adequately manage body temperature. This means you are likely to experience elevated body temperatures which undoubtedly have increased effect on your performance. If that is not monitored very fast, it can increase the chances of developing a condition known as hyperthermia. This is a condition where the temperatures go beyond the normal ranges.

Loss of mood, concentration and attention

Scientists now agree that as your body losses more water, there are increased chances of reduced concentration, moods and attention which can greatly affect the performance. They also agree that it can as well affect motor coordination which will eventually be a dangerous impact.

Reduced heart rate

We have already discussed how dehydration can affect the blood concentration. Now if this increases beyond the manageable rates, the heart will not be able to compensate by increasing the heart rate. This will eventually increase the chances of exhaustion and at last see you down as you exercise.

To ensure you are hydrated every time you are excising, you should take enough electrolytes and water to compensate for the lost water. Dehydration has more body harm than good.