Does Core Training For The Abdominals Work?

A few facts about getting an abdominal six pack with core training.

You hear a lot about core training these days. There is a lot of truth to what you are seeing however as per most things in the media, its getting a little far out. Almost daily in the gym I see trainers getting people onto swiss balls, standing on one foot, rubbing their tummy with one hand and patting their heads with the other. Well not really but you get the point.

The fact of the matter is that without a strong core, you have to power and are susceptible to injuries. The methods to getting a strong core however are a lot less complex then some people are making it.

Core training in of itself is a simple concept. You are working the diaphram, multifidus transverse abdominis, and pelvic floor deep inside. On the exterior you have the prime movers. These are the more visible ones that everyone wants to see.

If you work movements such as the overhead lifts that directly involve the spine you are on the fast track to productive core training. Yes, the stability ball has its uses but there are limits and when the complexity of the movement exceeds the effective results you can stimulate with it you are heading down the “fad/gimmick route”.

Looking out at the gym floor and watching the infomercials you can see that it’s getting crazy. Granted, most of the movements are a hoot to try and fun to play with on an off day, but that in itself does not make them the most effective methods. It makes them fun to do with a beneficial side effect.

Is training your core the fastest way to getting a six pack of attention grabbing rippling abs? Absolutely not. Core training makes your core stronger, more conditioned and more muscular. This is a great thing and everyone that wants pain free optimum performance needs a strong core. However, getting your abs to show in the mirror is a result of getting the fat off them. Take off the fat blanket and voila, there are your abs.

Do you think a 359 pound Olympic lifter that can pull 551 pounds from the floor and then stand up with it overhead has a strong core? The answer is yes without a single doubt. Does that lifter have a set of strong and well developed abs? Again the answer is yes. Now for the kicker. Can you see them? Nope. Not even a hint of a six-pack to be seen anywhere.

His abdominals are covered by a layer of fat.

So then if fastest way to getting a visible, beach ready six pack is through fat loss, then how do we do that?

You burn off fat by creating a small calorie deficit through several factors including a proper eating plan, exercising your WHOLE body with multi joint, multi dimensional movements like the clean and press or overhead squat and including some high intensity cardio.

If this is really the case, then why is everyone and their dog selling core training? Answer: Because everyone and their dog is willing to buy a promised shortcut to the land of easy six packs.

Really effective training is simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy.