Does changes in the household cause stress?

When most think about the causes of stress, they tend to think about a place they have to go to where they feel the most stress, such as work or school. Stress-causing situations people will not think about include going somewhere new, or going through some major changes in their own home. Changes of any kind in the home can create a great deal of stress, even if most don’t realize it.

The home, wherever it may be, is where a person can feel safe and comfortable. It is an area they are familiar with as everything is placed just where they want it, and the atmosphere is exactly what they have created to make themselves feel at home. It is the perfect place to relax and get away from the day’s stresses and, for the most part, a stress-free zone that most enjoy coming back to, until things change. Whether it’s the addition of another family member or renovations of any kind the elimination of the same familiar, comfortable area causes. Even though it is still a home, the changes are altering the atmosphere and/or the physical appearance of the home, which means that the familiarity with the space is being taken away.

It depends on the age of the individuals involved, as well as whether they are able to adapt well to change or not that will determine if the stress level is low or not. Younger people who are more excited about change to create their own comfort space and who might even be trying to start a family might not feel too stressed, because the stress they do feel is excitement about the changes they are making. Older people, or people who don’t really like change, who have to make changes even if they don’t really want to, might have a more difficult time in making the changes and will feel more stressed as a result. The difference with their stress is that they might feel crowded or uncomfortable and might not feel that they can make their new area feel like the home they had before. They want the old way back, but they realize that these changes are not going to make that possible and this can become frustrating and overwhelming, especially if the person has been living the same way and in the same situation for five or more years. They have become comfortable with their routine and way of life and a disruption of it is not always easily accepted.

In many cases, the cause of the stress can easily be identified by the person experiencing it because it’s fairly easy to see the changes going on around them, though there are some who don’t quite see the connection between the subtle changes going on around them and the stress they feel. Either way, consulting an online counselor could be useful. Getting some help through online counseling to deal with the mounting stress is always a good idea and can help make the transition from the old to new easier. Especially for those who are feeling a higher level of stress, regardless of whether they are aware of what the cause of it might be or not, communicating with an online therapist can be extremely helpful. Through online therapy, a person can be helped to identify where their stress might be coming from, and then find out what they can do to deal with their stress.