Do Your Homework Before Buying That First Car

Do Your Homework Before Buying That First Car

When deciding on buying a new car you should do your homework beforehand. What does homework have to do with buying a car, plenty if you consider what you should do before you ever go to the dealership. First off if this will be your first car I advise asking for help. Your parents or other relatives have been through this process and can offer excellent advice. Besides they may be willing to go with you to help make sure you get the car at a good price.

Time to get back to your homework, when you prepare for a test you learn all the facts, you need to do the same thing when buying a car. So here is your first assignment, find out your credit score. I cannot stress how important knowing your credit rating before you even make another move.

If your credit is good then the savings and financing options are going to be easier. However if you do not have credit or bad credit then you can find your options limited. You will also find out that many of the larger dealerships have first time buyer programs.

Another piece of homework is checking out price guide on new and used cars. These will help you decide what kind of car you want if there is a tossup between two, and help make sure you really are getting a good deal at the dealership.

There are many places to look online with both paid and free services that will give the base price of most vehicles. Also find out which dealerships offer first time buyer incentives or new car perks added with the purchase of the vehicle.

Another thing to check on is the actual breakdown of the sticker price on the car and any insurance policies. The first part of the sticker price is the actual vehicles price this will include one price without extra features added like Air-Conditioning or Power-Windows and Locks. The second price will have a list of the options above it with each items price listed beside it and then the total price with the vehicle fully loaded with options. The third is the dealerships Insurance policies. Remember each of these three are completely negotiable and not to take the first deal offered.

Once you have researched and checked out each of these it is time to actually go out and take a few test drives. Yes you need to actually go to multiple car lots and test drive one from each. Once you have narrowed it down to two or three cars, its time to call in a professional, the Mechanic. They are the ones you will trust to tell you if the vehicle is worth the money you are going to spend plus a good one will give you an estimate if you ever need your car repaired on.

Following just a few of these ideas can help make buying your first car less traumatic and more fun.