Do You Want Him to Respect You… or Cherish You?

“The most important thing is to have a man respect me!” Ellie proclaimed.

“Do you want a man to cherish your feelings?” I asked.

“Of course. I want that too,” Ellie added.

“Fine. Stay single and take two lovers.”

If you want to be respected and feel cherished in a romantic relationship, you’ll need two partners.

One can respect your ideas and follow your lead. The other can cherish your feelings and make the plans.

See? You can have it all.

Just not at the same time.

Or with the same person.

(Unless he’s a “doormat” who doesn’t have a voice. Or is soooo spineless. Ewww.)

In a romantic relationship, the greatest intimacy is promoted when one partner feels cherished for feelings and the other is respected for thoughts.

If you want to be respected for your thinking AND cherished for your feelings, there is simply no space for another person.

When you Voluntarily give up your respectability in a romantic relationship it means you choose to have your feelings cherished over your thoughts respected and you are willing to follow your man as long as he’s moral, ethical and legal.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be respected for your thoughts Ever…it just means you choose to have your feelings cherished first.

When a man cherishes your feelings, you’ll actually feel respected.

(Think about that for a moment!)

When you don’t feel good about something and you share your feelings with your man…and he “respects” your feelings…he’s actually cherishing you! (Pretty cool, huh?)

When you give your thoughts to a man and he respects your ideas, guess what? You’re the man! When a man respects what you think and want…you are the “Hero” of your relationship.

Many times you go competitive with your partner and you don’t know why. The reason is because you both want to tell each other what to do…or you both wait for the other person to make the plan!

So when you’re meeting a new man…or if you’re already with someone…decide:

Do you want to be respected for your thoughts and leadership skills in your romantic relationship?


Do you want to be cherished for your feelings and are willing to voluntarily give up your lead and follow your respected partner?

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