Do You Want a Beautiful Life?

Your life is more than days and years. It is what you do with your time and how closely your choices match your values. It is how you maximize the possibilities that cross your path.

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes it can be confusing, messy, and discouraging. What seems to be a rock in your path may end up being a stepping stone to something important. You may look for shortcuts to tomorrow and not find any. Even so, it is still possible to find your way to a beautiful life.

“Beautiful” can mean different things to different people. Webster’s dictionary defines it as “having beauty; very pleasing and satisfying to the senses, eye, ear, and mind.” When it comes to applying “beautiful” to your life, begin by assuming that your basic needs for food, water, shelter, and physical and financial security are met.

Next, visualize what your beautiful life looks like. To do this, you need to know where you are going as well as where you have been. Make the picture of your beautiful life in color; it makes it more enticing. Make it large to make it more compelling.

Then, focus on your emotional and mental well-being. Get in touch with your purpose for being here. Your purpose grounds you and keeps you moving forward. If you feel lost, people who love you will find you.

In addition, to make a beautiful life which you deserve:

1. Love yourself. This means enjoying your own company and making peace with who you are at this moment in time.
2. Make time for yourself so that you can listen with your heart for your purpose in life.
3. Think positively and be happy. Remember, mistakes are opportunities to learn.
4. Put effort into things important to you; try. Be willing to stretch yourself and move outside your comfort zone once in a while.
5. Learn to be accepting and flexible when you cannot alter or avoid a situation to decrease your stress level. There is a saying, “When you don’t have what you want, try wanting what you have.”

If you want a challenge and to stretch yourself, add two more ideas to this list that you know would make your life beautiful. This will make the list more uniquely yours. Then, choose one of these ideas. Begin to focus on it until you feel it is a part of who you really are. Continuing to take one idea at a time from your list, you can move forward whenever you feel you are ready.

Having a beautiful life is not about having a perfect life or all the material things you want in your life. It is much deeper than that. It has to do with knowing what is important to you and being able to take action in a positive way. You have control over the choices you make. Your feelings about yourself and your life depend on your choices. Choose wisely.