Do You Think Rich? – How to Create A Millionaire Mindset

Have you ever noticed that the people who speak most of wealth, health, and good times are indeed experiencing this kind of abundance in their own lives?

And those who speak most of poor health, money problems, and relationship issues tend to have a lot of these unfortunate circumstances active in their lives?

The key element here is what your focus is actually on. What kind of “story” do you speak of when it comes to your finances, your body weight, or relationships?

What’s your “mind’s” relationship to money? To vibrant health? To harmonious and productive relationships?

Does your mind believe that you can experience all the “good stuff” or do you find yourself constantly reminding yourself of “how things are”? Are you too realistic for your own good?! Be honest. What are the quality and type of thoughts you think day in and day out? Here’s my Coaching Challenge for You –

Track your thoughts for 7 days. Yep, for the next 7 days pay close attention to what flies out of your mouth when you are discussing “hot topics” in your life e.g. your finances, your health and fitness, your relationships, your business.

Be a sleuth…Notice what you say both out loud and in the comfort of your head/mind.

You will quickly discover what you really believe about how much money you feel you can earn, how much business you can bring in, your true feelings about managing your weight, and what your beliefs are about happy, harmonious relationships.

I would go so far as to say what you believe is what you experience in your life.

In fact, your life up to this precise moment is a reflection of your deeply held beliefs.

Here’s big news…many of those beliefs are outdated and extremely limited! Time to stop short changing yourself and begin scripting a new “story” of what you really DO WANT! If you really want to achieve your goals and dreams, it’s time for you to eliminate those pesky, self- defeating thoughts.

Become master of the domain of your thoughts by consciously, deliberately plucking them from your mindset and your speech.

This week decide to speak only of what you’d like to create more of. If you find yourself speaking of negative circumstances, STOP!

Ask yourself is this what I want to create?

I promise you more money, more opportunities, more life satisfaction and more success will be yours – learn to tell a “new rich story” and your life will QUICKLY reflect this.

Enjoy your new rich life. It all starts with the quality of your thoughts!