Do You Need An MBA To Be Successful In Your Career?

Some people think that it is not necessary for you to have an MBA to be successful in your career in managerial position. Many managers and entrepreneurs do not owned an MBA degree but they are wealthy and successful in their careers. Then, why so many individuals who are seeking for higher career achievement pursuing an MBA? Do you need an MBA to be successful in achieving your career goal?

In my opinion, although you do not need an MBA to successful in your career but an MBA degree is going to be very beneficial for you in terms of how it shaped your business mind and the connections you will develop from an MBA program. When you are getting your MBA, you will learn every subject related to money & business administration such as accounting, finance, organization behavior, operations, research & etc. The MBA courses will equip you with the necessary business knowledge & skills to help you to achieve your career goal.

You may not need an MBA to be a CEO or Vice President in a corporate if your family members are the major shareholders of the company and you can be appointed to these positions without owning an MBA. If you are under employment and you have a career goal to achieve a senior manager or higher position, you need to prove your capability for the position and out perform your colleagues who compete with you for the same career achievement. A field working experience with good management skills are the basic requirement for a managerial position. You can build your working experience along your career path while an MBA program provides you with the advanced knowledge of business administration and shaped your business mind so that you are ready to face your challenge when you are promoted to a management position.

The job market is very competitive nowadays and the education qualification requirement for many positions has been increased. When more that one candidate competes for a manager position, the boss definitely will choose the most qualified employee who has good working experience and strong education background. If you own an MBA degree, that degree certificate is a written proven document to show to the boss that you have the advanced knowledge on business management and the degree can places you at a good position in competing to win the managerial job position.

Yes, you can learn up the management knowledge through your working experience and you can be promoted to a managerial position based on the knowledge gain through your working experience. This only true if the boss recognizes it; what if he/she chooses to promote your colleague who owns an MBA degree? What if you want to advance your career to other company which you need a proven document to show to the company that you are the right candidate for the manager position? The MBA degree can be your written document to prove that you have the qualification that meets the requirement of the vacancy.

In short, an MBA is not a must for you to be successful in your career, but an MBA equips you with advanced business administration knowledge to compete in this competitive job market.