Do You Know the Natural Remedies for Diabetes?

When there is an unusual rise in the level of glucose in the blood stream then this condition is known as diabetes. It is caused when there is a disturbance in glucose metabolism machinery in the body. When sufficient insulin is not produced by our body due to any discrepancy in functioning of the pancreas then it pour excess of sugar in the blood stream which causes diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes –

Type I- It is insulin dependent diabetes. In this case body is unable to produce required amount of insulin. So there is abnormal rise in the level of glucose which causes diabetes.

Type II- In this type pancreas is not in a position to secrete insulin in the body. Usually people of middle or older age group are affected by this type of diabetes.

The major causes of diabetes in now days are the nutritional efficiency, intake of the diet rich in carbohydrates, stress and mental trauma is another factor which gives rise to the diabetes. Sometimes diabetes is also caused when there is a lack of physical exercises and physical activities. In some cases diabetes is the result of hereditary factor. Sometimes disease of pancreas may also result into the condition of diabetes. One more important cause of diabetes is increased weight or the condition of obesity.

Some of its important symptoms are increased thirst, increase in appetite, weight loss, skin infection or irritation, high blood pressure, erection problems, decreased healing capacity, obesity and weakness or loss of strength.

It can be treated with the help of natural remedies also.

1. Consumption of Bengal gram regularly helps in preventing the problem of diabetes.

2. Morning and evening walk also reduces the complications of diabetes.

3. Intake of low calorie, low fat diet help in preventing the diabetes. To prevent diabetes you must take high fiber diet.

4. For the effective treatment of diabetes increase the intake of soya bean which is rich in protein and minerals like iron, calcium, vitamin like retinol.

5. In curing diabetes the best options are the intake of ginger, onions and garlic.

6. Take 15 fresh leaves of mango and leave it overnight in a glass of water. Next morning without taking any thing, filter the water and drink it first. It is an effective natural remedy for curing diabetes.

7. To reduce the affect of sugar make a habit to eat tender curry leaves at least twice a day.